French Infantry Troops Ambushed By Taliban

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Helmet cam combat footage recorded on Mar. 5, 2010, in the Bedraou valley of Kapissa Province in eastern Afghanistan shows French infantry troops of the 13th Chasseurs Alpins battalion (13e BCA), 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade finishing a presence patrol when they come under heavy enemy fire.

The French troops return fire, but smartly maneuver out of the kill zone. Over the next several minutes they fight to gain a dominant, high ground position so as not to be picked off by the enemy.

Something that is hard to perceive from watching the video is the physical demand placed on these soldiers. They had just finished a several hour patrol, so they are already tired and worn down. Now they have to ascend steep terrain at a rapid pace, laden with heavy gear at an elevation where even the most physically fit have to fight for every breath of air.

34 thoughts on “French Infantry Troops Ambushed By Taliban


    Melee with a baguette

  2. Civiliansoldier762 says:

    Is it a FAMAS

  3. Vladimir Putin says:

    Say what you will about the French but they be throwing down.

  4. Iván Ruiz says:

    Primary objetive: content the talibán ambush.
    Secundary objetive: protect the dog.

  5. Ce sont des français!!

  6. Translating "We need White Underwear to make Surrender Flag!!!, ASAP White UNDERWEAR, Runaway!!"

  7. Harry Walker1 says:

    There calm very professional

  8. Harry Walker1 says:

    French foreign legion 😊

  9. Richtofen Jagodzinski says:

    This is a cool airsoft arena

  10. Mikelitoras izichy says:

    Running as fast as me in my dreams when im being chased.

  11. Dougie Adams says:

    Fair play, like someone has said, we do joke about the french quite a lot but I do have so much respect for them.

  12. Salvador Rodriguez says:

    I would imagine if you can hear the rocket from the RPG wizzing by that it was way too close for comfort…
    And they keep on firing, wouldn’t wanna piss these guys off…

  13. Open fields are death traps…they def knew they were going to be engaged and still moved forward…much respect

  14. KasSBuRN 1er says:

    what the diference of the french résistance and the taliban ? …..

  15. Abdul Wahid says:

    You never win in afghanistan

  16. 16:43
    – c'est une bonne journée ça
    – ouaiiiii


  17. Voxx-Chatter_777 says:


  18. Did Marcon ask to surender, or?

  19. Terry Beul says:

    13:45 "Je chie dans mon froc" (I poop in my pants)
    "Je peux comprendre" (I can understaind)

  20. Westers151 says:

    Well trained, and motivated, forces of any nation are very effective. In this instance, both the French and the Taliban fall into that category.

  21. Eduardo Mahoudeau says:

    Vive la 🇫🇷 !!!!

  22. I am Jason says:

    This camera allows you to hear what a firefight actually sounds like…not like those GoPros that make everything quite.

  23. HENRIQUE LINS says:

    Foreign legion 🇫🇷🇧🇷

  24. pipo declown says:

    'Taliban interrupts French troops during lunch'

    French: So you have chosen death.

  25. Meh sure the the royal m's

  26. tonyStorks says:

    Why do the French, amidst this chaos, sound like as if they are commenting about their food and wine?

  27. Damn bro the Famas shredded in mw2

  28. Joe Gagnon says:

    :32 them white rocks were a kill zone marker I think 🤔………….

  29. Fluid Art says:

    Man based on the scenery in this footage, you might almost think this place wasn't a shithole….. almost.

  30. Scott Tee says:

    Black Hawk Down intensity, x100.

  31. mY PeTs Cats and Fishes says:

    To kill the Taliban is not by weapon, is by one kind of food. 🤣

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