French Destroyers. How to Play? | World of Warships

French destroyers are set to join the World of Warships fleet very soon. The ships of the French branch have a number of advantages that can surprise your rivals and help you find a way out of almost any situation.
We’ll tell you about gameplay features of these steel giants. How to play?

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27 thoughts on “French Destroyers. How to Play? | World of Warships

  1. World of Warships Official Channel says:

    What do you think about our new video? Did you enjoy it?

    What about you? Do you have a French Destroyer in your port?:)

  2. Misaka -Railgun- Mikoto the ace of Tokiwadai says:

    shit torps
    shit health
    shit concealment
    shit consumable

  3. nakhon wungwua says:

    I wish they got rid of destroyers in carrier battles its just unfair…they keep flanking

  4. Peete TheLittle says:

    If you can play these things with good results, than you can play EVERY other DD line much better. No smoke, no AA. Garbage! You can have some good moments and MM-blessings, but these things are SHIT! Any cruiser you meet will shred you in secs and every other DD you meet will drop smoke and you are there alone against all enemy fire without smoke or anywhere to hide or run. Just think over… I tried. French DDs are for ppl who buy french cars. They are garbage, still a lot of ppl are in love with them without any sense!

  5. Once during a game, some player was yelling at me to use my smoke and complaining about if I put down smoke, he wouldn’t die. Once I killed the people around me, I told him French destroyers don’t have smoke and called him a dim Witt for not actually taking the time to study these new ships.


    *rapid retreat options
    So French, much realistic👌👌

  7. Claudiu Oroian says:

    These ships are anything but fun to play and just a retard attempt by WG to make the gameplay more diverse. A sad attempt at a version of"retard olympics". If you are AP'ing a cruiser below 10km in a DD (which this video seem to suggest) you are imbecile and you will die faster than i can say WG. Speed advantage? What for? Long distance shots? Really? How much is the hit rate of long distance shots? Other that bb's (on which you going to do max 200-800 damage) anyone can easily avoid your shots. Again what is the purpose of such weak and retarded ships? Stop the retard experiments WG, nobody is enjoying these new french dds (other than 1-2 exceptions that were made OP on purpose for $$$$). What a sad attempt yet again by WG. You are fucking clueless at balancing ship – bunch of incompetents.

  8. add smoke, so we can hide like every other dd, eve, the shira 2nd line of IJN gets a choice between rapid torps or smoke. Here there is no choice, As they count as DD's people have to rely on them to Cap bases with smoke, but without smoke its useless. Sure its fast from T8 in fact so fast that you will cap the flag 8 times out of 10 before an enemy gets close, as ive been @ 55knots in a Le Fantasque, it just doesnt excel at anything. If you want Light cruiser Pick a light cruiser, If u want a dd, u got the gunboat or Torp variety, basically everyone will grind it, then never use it, as its useless as most russian ships with paper thin armour. I at 1st got the T7 vaquelin, didnt think id get anything higher so used my coins on camo, then got the T8 Le Fantasque, now dont expect the T9 Mogador, so spent the next lot of coins on camo again, you cant even Buy boxes to top up your credits balance, like you did with the WAY OP T9 Benham, which i got also. But screw Boxes for winning a task, give me coins. Dont need 50k credits and a few flags, when u got RANKED AND CLAN WARS Running at the exact same time.

  9. Skip up to T6 is the best advise. These boats are actually pretty slow at low tiers and the rudder shift, turning circle is just average. Once you are focused then hard to dodge when they shoot back. Guns are good but the turret traverse is just slightly better than japanese…

  10. Admiral Farmuhan says:

    Please unban me from WoWs official facebook fanpage
    My fb name is Fajar

  11. TROOPER685HD says:

    Pls do videos like that from other nations too 🙂 I love this videos!!

  12. Cristina Vuscan says:

    The speed of 50 knots is ridiculous.
    75 knots for torpedoes.

    Long Firing range.
    Shells capable of shooting cruisers easy.

    Did you get staff from World of Tanks ? because it seems you want to fuck up World of Warships too.

  13. MetallicaLife4 says:

    These gunboats are going to be my fav DD to play, I love the USN and IJN gunboats, and these seem to be a combination between the 2 lines.

  14. -5thTXCoF- Tigermafia1 says:

    Im not really good at destroyer that doesn't have smoke generator

  15. 1. Go youtube
    2. Play Frenchcore.
    3. Get ready

  16. masaoudx9 says:

    Is this were their true characteristics ?or just WG imagination like the lie of their supernatural Russian ships ?

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