French Army combat footage in Afghanistan.

21st Marine Infantry Regiment fighting against the Talibans in Afghanistan.

This video isn’t originally mine.

25 thoughts on “French Army combat footage in Afghanistan.

  1. kylian giraud says:

    gloire au parachutiste et surtout….VIVE LA FRANCE

  2. Jips From France says:

    21 Rima Croche et tien

  3. C Gleisberg says:

    I just precise for the yankee anti French about WW2. UK declared war against Germany before France. UK send ONLY 13 division in France (back line-not front line as drivers, artillery etc..) France started a huge counter attack under the order of Weygand against German in the south (who surrounded French)———— Brits LEFT the battle for to go to Dunkerque just 1day before and let Belgium soldier (and of course French)ALONE. It was NEVER the goal for Brits to fight German in France but let French alone against german…………. France and all French general knew, Brits betrayed France (Vichy made a huge anti-UK propagande of that to turn French toward germany———- I can't blame that)

  4. jean Mamadou says:

    This comment is for american people: we ( french ) dont fight for you, americans, but for for liberté. Thats all.

  5. franky de tourtour says:

    chapeau les gas   Respect !!!   merci du partage et de faire savoir la réalité

  6. Multicope Multicop says:

    The song is the matrix theme

  7. George Hua says:

    What's the name of the background song?

  8. Mon Vrainom says:

    i'm french and i want to say to my fellows americans that it's only a few part of french ppl who doesn't like you, like the few enucated amricans hate us. keep in mind that we are the oldest allies in history. Without France, no USA. WIthout USA no more France. WE ARE FRIENDS

  9. Mon Vrainom says:

    thanks to the french americans and maybe brits, germans did nuthin since '45

  10. charles nokes says:

    Kick ass! But the French's weapons are fucking dumb looking! Lol

  11. chaosXpert says:

    I don't like how childish and immature some people are, but thats okay as long as they stay playing Call of Duty

  12. There is a lot of stupid comments here, doesn't matter is your are French, American, english solder.
    Those guys risk their life and die for us, how does it feel to get up every morning a free man or a free woman? Good hey!!!!!!

  13. Mistery14 says:

    For the soldiers that have fighted to death.

  14. Mistery14 says:

    Americans, Frenchs, Let's fight, FIGHT, to the death !
    Get your most powerful weapons, Grab your Helmet and your kevlar. Go , go , GO ! 

  15. Why always this stupid song –"

  16. Ca c'est bon, ça !!!

  17. Lance grenade sur FAMAS…j'avais jamais vu.

  18. Anon010398 says:

    I like seeing our allies kickin ass. The French have a bad rap, but when they come, they come to play hard! I personally don't know many people from France, just 3 men, 1 woman, all are rude as fuck, but I let it slide when I see this video, or others, massive respect to all US ALLIED TROOPS! Thanks for the service to all, and thanks for supporting us when you do.
    It's never easy during a conflict to man up and jump in with both feet.

  19. paul94RIMA says:

    on vous soutient !!

  20. V Pulibach says:

    evryone, WW2 is the past, don't focus on it. It was an atrocity made by humans and not only german. French with vichy, russians and americans with nuclear bombs. Please don't refer on WW2, for a french who lost hus great father during the war….

  21. Michel PETIT says:


  22. EcstasyOfficer says:

    Correction on the "less resistance on France means", I meant less resistance from the French

  23. EcstasyOfficer says:

    Germany and the Axis along with its captured territories were surrounded they had split the army to protect it. That's why Russia started pushing them back, now if we didn't go and help. France would have been captured, less resistance on France means more focus on the UK and Russia. UK was already being bombed by the Luftwaffe and the Germans were in Russia(Until near the end). They were already blowing up supply runs to France and the UK. I am not saying the U.S. won it alone.

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