Found Footage of The Vietnam War Colorized – Rust Meme

Jason Liam and I go onto Bengals server while waiting for the forced wipe.Needless to say i’m glad the forced wipe was delayed.
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42 thoughts on “Found Footage of The Vietnam War Colorized – Rust Meme

  1. Thumbnail give me warthunder flashbacks


  2. Vietnam kid says:

    I keep watching this cause of how beautiful it is

  3. Kike Vizcarra says:

    I fucking love these fucking vids

  4. Anonymous User says:

    Imagine this

    You hear the patrol helicopter spawn in
    You get in your heli tower ready to take it
    You listen closely, and you hear that heli is just over that hill to the north
    You look over the hill and see 100 patrol helicopters approaching
    You log off of rust for the day

  5. Kineticz Flix says:

    Thank u for ur services

  6. The Bass Bro says:

    I saw this title and just had to watch 👍

  7. Omg this video is tremendous

  8. Juan Markiez says:

    This is probably the funniest video I’ve ever watched

  9. James Hartin says:

    was half expecting you to recreate general shepherds betrayal

  10. Zombie Boss63 says:

    That’s how you know there a true American when the challenge like 30 helis’ with a m249 by himself

  11. BustedGamer says:

    Scrap heli added lmao

  12. viet cong: turns on shortwaveradio to listen for anything out of the ordinary
    fortunate son: slowly crackles into being
    pilots doing what they please: napalm sticks to kids
    napalm: fire noises

  13. Leaked footage of the last NVA soldier in the Tet Offensive (colorized, 1968)

  14. Kush & Friends says:


  15. Hey man I’d really appreciate it if you told me what you use to host rust servers. I really wanna know as I may use a provider or program to run my own. Please reply to this telling me what you use.

  16. Some Random Soviet Dude says:

    Vietnamese farmer tending to his crops minding his own business

    100 helicopters and cobras blasting fortunate son


  18. Leaked gameplay and audio of battlefield Vietnam 2

  19. Pablito YT says:

    What germany saw when America attack Pearl Harbour Ps ik its the wrong war.

  20. if you are looking for a guy to Troll in Unturned thers this kid Toast he likes talking bullshit and he talks alot in general and he's really funny
    i will tell you some of his wisdom "you smell like but cheeks"

  21. Just chekin in. How r things going

  22. Do you know the wae?

  23. Uriel Vega says:

    I'm new and dude this is fucking hilarious I'm subscribing

  24. The trees are speaking Vietnamese, strange…

  25. Shawn Zulauf says:

    You know that sound is not patriotic

  26. Ethan Miner says:

    I’m loving the baba oriley at the beginning. And fortunate son too

  27. Thomas van Leur says:

    I mean for help

  28. Thomas van Leur says:

    Hey zoomb do you remember that rp unturned trolling at the ack server i got triple perm banned because i asked help to a moderator and an admin and then i kos them all

  29. Granthony Jone says:

    Ah yes, nothing says "America" more than mass homicide.

  30. mimiwii07 says:

    Rambo in a nutshell

  31. I just rp trolled on a creative server LOL XD

  32. You’re videos very high quality and hilarious, this man deserves more subs! keep up the good work guy

  33. Robert Marano says:

    Every die hard American when a country attempts to invade 😂

  34. corporate helpdesk says:


  35. Austin Dalton says:


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