Footage from D-Day

An American-commentated account of some of the action that took place during the Normandy Landings. Produced by the Office of Strategic Services, 1944. IWM reference WOY 482.

Find out more about D-Day and how IWM is marking the 75th anniversary: and explore more D-Day stories in our special interactive:

31 thoughts on “Footage from D-Day

  1. John Craft says:

    When you see the plane explode, you go O-O

  2. Micah Moros says:

    100000000,000 Americans died

  3. Micah Moros says:


  4. Micah Moros says:


  5. Micah Moros says:

    I love d Day cuzz we won 🙂

  6. Renan Hill says:

    the American government destroyed all the footage of the first wave, considering that it would be very difficult for the American people to see so many dead soldiers

  7. Keegan Grimmenga says:

    war is so sad

  8. shilohwillcome says:

    Too bad they had such shitty narrators back then, sounds like the same guy who narrates a house wife day in the life.

  9. shilohwillcome says:

    For better or worse, looks like highly edited. Would be interesting to hear the camera mans testimony.

  10. stephanie gillespie says:

    To the people who dislike this:
    You are a horrible person and these people gave their lives for you and you do that. Wow just wow

  11. RobloxDramaTV says:

    To The brave hearted men who passed away well saving our homes we wish you a farewell. Every single person who has been through this has been through hell and many people don’t appreciate the work that these brave people have done.

  12. Why didn't they give the people in the front of the boats shields or sumn and everyone behind would follow them for cover…

  13. Γιάννης Παπιομύτογλου says:

    I thought I got used to people dying from bullets but 6:32 really hit me. He was running and all of a sudden all thing went dark…. He couldn't move or breath cause she died. War is hell

  14. Chris May says:

    This is not first wave footage! These are reinforcements.

  15. YourAverageFlightSimmer says:

    This is why there is something called world peace people just die because of one person or a team of people.

  16. KnightForlorn says:

    thank you for uploading

  17. Gnarly_ Cro's says:

    also i wonder how much that bike would be worth at 5:33

  18. Gnarly_ Cro's says:

    i wonder would it have been possible to drop a powerful explosive into a specific spot in the ocean to create a huge wave that would have cleaned up the shore a little?

  19. Mario Egal says:

    6:31 Soldier in Front looks really afraid…..

  20. I understand they are strong men, but swimming with all that gear must be incredibly difficult.

  21. At 3:15 sitting ducks I'm trying to get out of that I'm jumping over and out off the side and given cover fire.

  22. Colton Nemitz says:

    My great grandad fought on Omaha.

  23. Jesus Loves You says:

    My father went through that he'd tell us about it all the time and how so many of beloved friends died that day… he died a few years back and we still remember his great deeds today. I bless these soilders and they're familys.

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  25. My opinion: Roosevelt planed this at the 1930s during the economic crisis in USA. So he built a massive war production with million of workers from the streets without jobs. And then 1940 the neutral USA suddenly had thousands of airplanes, bombers, ships, tanks, etc and it was possible to delivered million oft tons material to Sovietunion and Britain. The neutral USA is a myth.

  26. Soundtracks161 says:

    Area 51 Raid
    – September 20th, 2019 (Rare color footage)

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