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Danish soldiers are ambushed by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Part 3 is coming tomorrow, subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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Footage is from ISAF 7 2009, close to FOB Price in Helmand Province.

This footage is to be taken as a documentary on the events of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence.

English Translation:

00.17 Can you give me a hand? — Yeah, sure.
00.55 Fucking cunts, man!
00.56 Come on, boys
01.13 I’ve run out. (changing mags)
01.18 If they’ve sorrunded us, we’ll give ’em hell. (A bit hard to hear)
01.20 Fuck Tango Bravo
01.31 We need to the machine gunner up here.
01.33 Yeah, but I have a malfunction (on the MG)
01.38 We’ve got 3 down there (he probably means 3rd squad) so don’t worry.
01.40 I have a malfunction.
01.41 I have oil.
01.45 Got it.
01.48 That direction.
01.49 Team 1, we are going 20 meters left.
02.00 I’m testing it now.
02.11 Yes. It works.
02.15 Ah, the shit doesn’t work.
02.20 It’s coming from straight ahead.
02.26 That’s it!
02.37 It’s coming that direction
02.39 That direction.
02.48 (muffled) …to the right
02.55 It’s coming from right over there! I saw muzzle flashes.
02.59 Right up at the end of the compound.
03.02 No, that one. Up at the end of it. Up by the side, just before the tree line.
03.16 It came from right where the compound wall turns.
03.20 Twelve o clock, I saw muzzle flashes.
03.22 Same place.
03.42 It’s right there.
03.57 Can you hear me. (speaking on PRR)
04.04 It’s right where they’re firing now.
04.10 It was fucking precise, that 40mm.
04.14 It is rare commodity.
04.17 If you fire, then I’ll…. (muffled out)
04.22 Are they laying down suppressive fire? Yes, they are. Got it.
04.29 It’s coming from up there, in the tree line.
04.37 Can I borrow a mag? Got one you can spare?
04.44 It’s just, I’ve only got 3 left.
04.47 It’s my lucky mag.
04.48 Got it. You’ll get it back when we get back to base
04.57 They’re right over there, in that fucking tree line.
05.05 Just open up.
05.07 That’s ok, just open op.
05.08 Fuck ’em, man!
05.11 They’re right out there to the left.
05.14 Edge of tree line, by compound (I think. It’s kind of hard to hear)
05.16 They’re changing compounds.
05.27 That’s it. It fucking works. Good burst.
05.32 We need to lay down some fire or they’ll run off.
05.33 Should I go first?