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  1. kikkelin kaivaja says:

    this aint real war or is it?

  2. Bela Kleine says:

    These soldiers are definitely very bad bro 😂 I think they fight against 2 snipers and they loughing because they are so stupid

  3. spray and pray 1 from every 100000 bullet will come near the target

  4. Treasure Trails says:

    What a waste of bullets he didn't hit shit LOL

  5. Jimmy Marketti says:

    I regret not joining sitting here on the home front like a fool

  6. Jared Pitones says:

    The guy who is shooting the lmg is the goat

  7. ZombieStain65 says:

    Dumps mag pouch “did anyone see where that came from?”


    This is not MW and you cannot see your enemies at all when they engage you. Great video

  8. Eric Hovanesyan says:

    Ok all jokes aside your a badass

  9. Brandon Cota says:

    Get Some!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sergio Emmanuel says:

    I fucking love the SAW

  11. Thomas Romundstad says:

    another american video shooting at nothing….

  12. Jeevan Rai says:

    Waste of bullet n crowds

  13. Renee Parnell says:

    2:40 pause right there because a sniper shot at him I'm sure you can see the laser

    And he is shooting at things the only reason why you can't see is because the video is in 420p and there is a huge mountain in front of him and he doesn't have a scope cam or anything

  14. Spray and pray baby spray and pray

  15. I remember this scene from Call Of Duty!!!!!

  16. A YouTube Guy says:

    if i went into the army no doubt my having a machine gun an a sub

  17. poHATEos Tots says:

    Was some dude in the background laying down the hate with a pump shotty? Haha damn

  18. karass youssef says:

    9.06 .. pk il a jetté la bombe hhh ?

  19. Kerpiç duvarın arkasından ateş eden öküz…

  20. Bryceinit says:

    Ha gun go brrrrrrrr

  21. Engineer Tayyab imtiaz says:

    Nothing more
    Just killed some trees
    Taliban : Suck my AK 47

  22. Sarude Danstorm says:

    American Doctrine at its finest – sometimes there is intense planning and maneuvering, other times just act like a hornets nest and return 200 rounds for every single shot fired at you.

  23. Every firefight I have watched in Afghanistan they are always shooting at nothing just trees and dirt I literally see no taliban or other enemy

  24. Mr. Apollo says:

    3:51 when you're about to shoot the enemy but you left-clicked too early and canceled the reload

  25. runtz connoisseur says:

    the position they were in had me nervous, one well placed RPG impact on that building behind them and they could be in some serious trouble

  26. Ghost in the Robot says:

    Spray and pray lol…. man, so much waste ammunition

  27. Slavic potato says:

    I just got these noraphones in today and watching these with these may cause you to get ptsd!😬😶

  28. BundesRepublic Murica says:

    Some of those guys are not aiming just pointing the barrel up in the air over the mud wall

  29. Hayden Reynolds says:

    God bless our troops. 🇺🇸

  30. Laidbackpussy_cat3 says:

    Thank you for your service everyone in this video and everyone who has served.

  31. Jimi Hendrix says:

    US terrorists came to Afghanistan to get an AK bullet between the horns

  32. Julian Rossi says:

    Seeing real combat gives me 1% insight into a soldiers world but 100% respect for the shit they do.

  33. EasyAzPiE says:

    every squad need a small portable drone…with Infrared, nigh vision …heat sensing…cause you just waste ammo…

  34. Saw gunner needs some remedial training on malfunctions

  35. Muzzle flash at 2pm?

  36. How dare you shoot back

  37. It bothers me that they are holding their muzzles to the ground somtimes

  38. sam thezeuz VR TM says:

    Holy sht, go gys!!!!!! Respect!!

  39. romek atomek says:

    cmon.. first minutes – you didn't see the target – but you still shoot ? why ?

  40. ExoticPacc says:

    is it just me or are yall wondering how many kills bro got

  41. Tolo Classic says:

    شما چینل مرا سابسکرایب کنید
    من چینل شما را سابسکرایب می کنم
    You Subscribe, I'll Subscribe

  42. Bruh this nigga like reloaded ten times

  43. deoli snake rescue team all. team says:

    Talibani fire one and they firing many ….But
    Talibani terrorist dead they are nothing lose …But we lose one soldier we lose everything . Why .?..

  44. Kongkead Suksakorn says:

    Golf​UlTras​Thai​land​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​Go​ Go​ Go​

  45. Gregor ATOM says:

    вы просто непобедимы верьте в себя….)))))))) за 12 минут все подразделение осталось без патронов и гранат…. вояки….

  46. Gaming channel XD says:

    God damn that Reload time

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