Firefight From A Dog Handlers Helmet Cam in Afghanistan

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A firefight between members of the 30th Infantry Regiment, Special Operations, Afghan Local Police and Taliban in the village of Zombalay Afghanistan, is captured on 2 separate helmet cams.

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This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage.

Read more about the war here –

45 thoughts on “Firefight From A Dog Handlers Helmet Cam in Afghanistan

  1. Yle Eckles says:

    what a good pupperino

  2. Alex Obleas says:

    what a good boy 😀

  3. Dave Barone says:

    I'd be scared for my dog

  4. George Hays says:

    Who is blasting off all those rounds?

  5. Jacob Mutert says:

    Why does that marine raider look so clueless

  6. Peach Over 40 says:

    My dog runs after just hearing 1 pop of fire works

  7. Now imagine if our army had Lions or wolf instead of dogs. How fucking scary would that be. Fucking airborne lion or wolf jumping out of a c-130 with a special forces handler.

  8. Laurence D says:

    The dog is just as much a part of the unit as any human

  9. what was this for a special force

  10. Lucky1213! says:

    2:20 my heart dropped I thought it was an enemy

  11. funnyyylock says:

    That guy with the ak tho no situational awareness


    Look how well that guy blends into the mud wall at 0:59

  13. Xavier Dubb says:

    I never seen footage with a dog included

  14. HELLOTHISIS4U says:

    "You guys hear that?" BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG

  15. calical26 says:

    il be using a fucking drone with a cam on so i can spot all of those fuckers

  16. ScottyNeedsIt says:

    Hey man, you good?

  17. Protect that dog no matter what with you life

  18. Musa Bashir says:

    how do the dogs deal with the heat? any risk of heat stroke?

  19. Alexander Gillis says:

    Don't tell me to send it unless you are ready for me to send it…

  20. Swizzle ! says:

    The dog says to isis “storm trooper aim”

  21. Literally in the middle of a fire fight casually walks past the barrels of several soldiers “hey watch out man”😂😂

  22. Deez Newts says:

    Hey, I'm interested in enlisting as a 31k (MWD Handler), but had a few questions.
    Are 31k soldiers deployed often? And is it like patrol and explosives/drug searches? Or are they attached to other Units as well?
    Thank you.

  23. Rebekah Mcfatridge says:

    Good Dogg so beautiful

  24. huswsimonbla says:

    2:22 how to get shot by friendlies 101. Nevermind 2:41 is even worse lol

  25. jun Boloy says:

    So fake is not real they are shooting at nothing,Fucking fake

  26. BlooKeeng says:

    Theres footage of this same firefight from another operators perspective of I recall.

  27. These guys look surrounded.

  28. Joopie de Lange says:

    So sad for the dog…

  29. burnsybros says:

    Bunch of gunshots going off
    "Hey you guys hear that?"

  30. I cant count the amount of thing wrong with this contact. How many times do all these idiots walk in the qay of firing lines?

  31. I have a friend that’s does this now.. Interesting seeing video

  32. This guy just needs to go sit in the corner and wait to be called for a specific task. Fucking hell.

  33. sickb2200 says:

    Dog is like, "Man, what the hell we doin' out here? It's hot and assholes be shooting at us!"

  34. This americans, there are not even supposed to be in that country..

  35. MaxMorgan says:

    Its a joke to see how the americans act in war, compared to the french legion or spetsnaz. try to see the french legion in combat. if i was up against them, i would run really fast.

  36. Covid19 is COMMUNISM says:


  37. Internet Expert says:

    Reminds me of a movie set

  38. you like those ALcans?

  39. Sietse van Rozen says:

    My dog is afraid of.fireworks

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