Final Fantasy xv combat footage with edgy music

Combat footage made with the platinum demo.
On the + side of the combat:
– Weapon switching shows the weapons flourish animation only if you’re standing still or walking, otherwise it’s instantaneous.
– Different warp types for each equippable weapon, making switching between weapons interesting and a requirement for full control.
– It’s pretty fast.
– It looks good.

On the bad side of the combat:
– Playing it feels worse than watching it.
– dodge and block cancels only work when an enemy attacks, and directional attacks only work when you’re attacking an enemy, making it not feel like it cancels but like it is part of a context sensitive flowchart.
– Armiger mode has you totally locked into it. You can’t cancel or influence anything.
– Stupid WARP STRIKE text.
– Dodging requires you to hold the dodge button through the moment where an enemy attacks. A single tap will show the animation but not dodge the attack.
– staying in the air requires no skill at all, contrary to episode duscae where you could have some air time if you did it right.
– attack combos feel like they are just one long animation. Single attacks have no clear beginning or end, which together with the lack of sound feedback and obstructed vision because of the visual effects make it hard to see what you’re doing
– There’s a delay between when you press buttons and noctis responding.
– It’s not possible to change directions between attacks, and together with the previous 2 points makes the whole thing feel super disconnected. I do not feel like I am in control.
– air dodging and some attacks cost mp, which doesn’t make air movement interesting, but puts you into a state where you cannot do anything, or if you want to prevent it, forces you to hang from a warp point for 10 seconds until MP recharges.
– most attacks feel like they are the same.
– nothing really cancels, so you are constantly waiting for animations to end, it also makes the combat feel sluggish and slow no matter how fast some animations are.

I’m not sure about this one guys. I really hope that the platinum demo is a really old build, because it feels less polished and rounded that even episode duscae.