Fighter Kills

(31 Dec 1944) Story 7
111 ADC 10508 – ‘FIGHTER KILLS’ B/W SOUND 1944
01:43:34 Caption “Fighter Kills” -good SFX throughout
01:43:39 Gun camera footage of a variety of Luftwaffe planes being shot down
01:44:29 ME163 being shot at
01:44:55 Low level strafing of railway, bridge and planes on the ground
01:45:49 ME262 being fired at – gun camera footage
01:46:07 Good shots of 262 falling out of sky**
01:46:25 Good shots 262 making large trail in the sky*
01:46:47 ME 163 in gun camera footage
01:47:17 ME 163 hit – lots of smoke
01:47:28 Strafing German ground targets – railway hit
01:48:10 Good shots of strafing German airfield**
01:48:22 General gun camera shots of German planes being shot out of the sky
01:49:35 Close gun camera footage of attacks on Luftwaffe planes
01:50:53 Strafing German airfields
01:51:02 Train explodes
01:51:13 Junkers being hit just after take off
01:51:24 Me 109 being shot down
01:52:00 Pilot baling out of Focke Wulf
01:53:00 Ground shots of planes falling out of the sky and exploding
01:54:12 Attacks on Japanese supply lines and pagodas in Burma
01:54:41 Ends

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