Fighter Kills

(31 Dec 1944) Story 7
111 ADC 10508 – ‘FIGHTER KILLS’ B/W SOUND 1944
01:43:34 Caption “Fighter Kills” -good SFX throughout
01:43:39 Gun camera footage of a variety of Luftwaffe planes being shot down
01:44:29 ME163 being shot at
01:44:55 Low level strafing of railway, bridge and planes on the ground
01:45:49 ME262 being fired at – gun camera footage
01:46:07 Good shots of 262 falling out of sky**
01:46:25 Good shots 262 making large trail in the sky*
01:46:47 ME 163 in gun camera footage
01:47:17 ME 163 hit – lots of smoke
01:47:28 Strafing German ground targets – railway hit
01:48:10 Good shots of strafing German airfield**
01:48:22 General gun camera shots of German planes being shot out of the sky
01:49:35 Close gun camera footage of attacks on Luftwaffe planes
01:50:53 Strafing German airfields
01:51:02 Train explodes
01:51:13 Junkers being hit just after take off
01:51:24 Me 109 being shot down
01:52:00 Pilot baling out of Focke Wulf
01:53:00 Ground shots of planes falling out of the sky and exploding
01:54:12 Attacks on Japanese supply lines and pagodas in Burma
01:54:41 Ends

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34 thoughts on “Fighter Kills

  1. Michael S says:

    The "tolerant" Left.

  2. Corvus Corax says:

    Did gun cameras really record sound? No point in that.

  3. Warrior Jukes says:

    that's true, I'm a pilot in 1945

  4. Sean Campbell says:

    If it wasn't for a spitfire pilot my whole family would be here . God Bless you

  5. BandB1111111 says:

    Not sure why I like these films so much. I think about all the WWII men and what it must have been like back then.

  6. AshlandMan says:

    Can anyone identify the type of locomotive at 1:20?

  7. Jacob 3rd MNG says:

    I wonder what flak would have done to these planes in this vid

  8. Slinkylabcat says:

    The close-cover footage made me cry. What balls.

  9. Admiral Salehudin al-ayubi says:

    Before brrrrrrbbbb is born, his father is tretttttetettete

  10. DeNes Graphic Designs says:

    A real pubg world

  11. steelshark studios says:

    i wonder how many planes crashed, on either side, because they were hit by debris from the plane they were shooting down

  12. munta1967 says:

    regardless which side they fought for (most were not devout Nazis) …they were fighting as ordered by their country, it is always the older politicians who send out the young men/women to die, always has been that way…maybe its time to send out the politicians to fight and die? then due their asses nipping up, we can all live in peace 🙂

  13. The sad thing is at this time most germans best had been killed, so the people teaching weren't the best, and the men sent off were very ill-experienced.
    Respect to all humans who reach for the sky though.


    ANY film footage showing US/British fighter pilots aiming at and trying to kill German pilots who bail out of their planes?
    I asks because we Americans brag and beat our chest all the time how we don't ever do that. Wonder if it's BS or true?

  15. Back when men had balls.

  16. Aircraft destroyed
    Sl 13000
    Rp 500

  17. 5:06 he shot the pilot trying to exit…

  18. Jérôme D. says:

    I wish it was me in that fighter killing nazi planes, godamn!

  19. This new warthunder update looks lit

  20. Linda McEntaffer says:

    These guys must've been carrying 4,000 lbs of Ammo, eh?

  21. 1:19 I’m very certain that he hit that tree

  22. Republi Traitors says:

    3:20 While yanks give combat footage the breakfast cereal sales treatment, totally misses telling it's pilots to make SURE that the jet plane you see is German & not an RAF Meteor.

  23. john adams says:

    Young, flying around in a P51, shooting shit up. Such fun !

  24. ThreeHeadedWalrus says:

    Ah, when crushing Nazi's was the good thing to do. Now people get offended if you criticise them, and they fly their flag. Disgusting.

  25. Identity Dixie says:

    Only if war Thunder would be this realistic lol

  26. Adrian d'Argence says:

    jez those nazi got some caning

  27. I wonder if any of these ole films could benefit from that new AI film 4k procedure?

  28. Reported for infinite ammo cheats.

  29. kennedy Wörful says:

    all of them were just boys…

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