Fierce Vietnam Combat Footage


31 thoughts on “Fierce Vietnam Combat Footage

  1. Roheyv0707 lol says:

    Who else came here from ProGaben’s video on the ytp

  2. BuddyBoy272 says:

    At 3:48 or 3:49 someone drops running across the street.

  3. Never Backdown says:

    Man I wish I would have fought in a combat zone

  4. God bless America, God bless England.
    When the shit really does hit the fan, that's all that matters.

  5. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    2:31 if mafia 3 had a vietnam war experience tie in.

  6. suiterd62 says:

    Noise if large units engaged in firefight is never duplicated in movies. DRS

  7. Arthur B. Jammin’ says:

    Victor Charles had his shit together. I wonder if he would be interested in a game of MarioKart

  8. RearrangingReality says:

    Fact: The United States government neglected to investigate the Gulf of Tonkin incident (The event that led to soldiers being placed in Vietnam as active fighters, instead of advisors as has been the previous policy for South Vietnam) on purpose, despite multiple reports that there had perhaps been no attack. Fact: During peace talks organized by the U.N. Between Cambodia, South and North Vietnam, President Nixon began a non-disciriminant bombing all over the jungles and villages of Vietnam, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Fact: The U.S. military and the CIA used S.O.G. units to infiltrate Cambodia, stalk the Ho Chi Minh trail and kidnap Viet Vong units for "advanced interrogation" (i.e. Torture), despite rules set by Cambodia and the U.N. that the U.S. Military could not mobilize units in Cambodia.
    Fact: We were the redcoats in this war. We tried to crush a revolution meant to free people, and supported a ruthless dictator. Yes the Viet Cong slaughtered villages of South Vietnamese that supported the U.S. Yes communism historically hasn't worked that well. But trying to make heroes and villains out of any people in war demonstrates your lack of understanding for how chaotic and horrifying it really is. We shouldn't have been there.

  9. Toby Royson says:

    I tried …but I couldn't spot animal mother.

  10. krtkllr70 says:

    my brothers my people my blood

  11. Josh j_b22 says:

    Quit the stupid music and leave the ducking war sound!!!

  12. Kyle Williams says:

    Wish I could see my grandpa in these.. Proud to say my grandpa served in this war and survived!

  13. Vincent Reynolds says:

    Charlie Dont Surf.

  14. From now on says:

    Why does America feel the need to stop communism anyways? Who are you to tell other country's how to run themselves?
    Fuck off, if they want to keep themselves communist then fucking let them, you bunch of Zionist cunts…

  15. "Aggression just lead to more aggression." – The more dislikes I receive based on this comment quantifies the barbaric nature of humanity and also dictates how far we have yet to go to become a civilized society.

  16. J. Mayhoff says:

    They became capitalist over time. Vietnam was initially a Communist country, and their switched over when they realized the futility of the system.

  17. J. Mayhoff says:

    The Vietnamese pretty much adopted all the mannerisms of capitalism. They allow private property, private enterprise, etc. Their workers are now employed by foreign multinational corporations, including American ones. They allow foreign direct investment, so foreign investors can move their money into the country and invest (something a real Communist state would NEVER allow under any circumstances). The name is just that, a name. It's meaningless to the actually political set up of the country.

  18. Vasto World says:

    sound like a bitch

  19. Vasto World says:

    Yeah he is they knew the risk

  20. lonewolf12052 says:

    I wish we would stop being a pussy and remind the world why America should be feared.

  21. Detroitstoken says:

    11 bang bang/air assault get's sh*t done!

  22. Detroitstoken says:

    after my most recent deployment I started to think like you, it will never change though

  23. Braden Lee says:

    You're not the brightest are you? The problem with this war was Nixon. And in a war you want as little life lost on your side as possible. You think we put 50,000 kids to their death. Well the NVA put over 2,000,000 kids to their death. Think about that

  24. what a pointless war…

  25. Jacob Sansom says:

    One of the most confusing wars of all time. Thanks for the troops service.

  26. Eagle Eye says:

    RIP PFC Stephen Kittle 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, India Company. He died during Operation HASTINGS in Quang Tri Province at the DMZ on July 24 1966. He was my mothers cousin

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