Fall Of Dien Bien Phu

(7 May 1954) Story 5 Ref 263.1951 b&w sound
Fall Of Dien Bien Phu 1954
06:01:58 Ho Chi Minh & Generals round table
06:02:08 North Vietnamese troops & trucks move up
06:02:32 artillery guns & general combat footage
06:09:02 out

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23 thoughts on “Fall Of Dien Bien Phu

  1. Oh my God unblievable this is real footage of the battle now we can see it on yourtube.

  2. Love Vietnam ..an amazing country

  3. John Smith says:

    Magnificent footage. France messed with the wrong country and got their behinds handed to them.

  4. Muhammad Resky says:

    Vietnamese is great nation because they defeated France in 1954 and USA in 1975 and stopped Chinese invasion in 1979 Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap were great heroes of Vietnam

  5. Vietnam had to fight so many countries and still won the war. mad respect to those lads.

  6. Minh nhat Nguyen says:

    Thank for your preciuos video ! We love Cu Ho sodiers. ❤🇻🇳. We love Ho Chi Minh President💞. We love General Giap 🇻🇳

  7. scentless apprentice says:

    This was a total war of attrition. I know this is the French but had the US just bombed Vietnam, it would of been over within a weekends time.

  8. ThePierre58 says:

    History is hard on France. General Giap went on to beat the Americans a few years later.

  9. Steve Davis says:

    the french knew perfectly well how many viet minh were there. it was part of their utter arrogance that they dismissed the vietnamese ability to fight a staged conflict.

  10. Duoc Dang says:

    🇻🇳 VIỆT NAM 🇻🇳 – I LOVE YOU❤

  11. Leonard Pearlman says:

    I LOVE that narration at 0:30, "… who got it from the United States"! The literature of the time seems to say that the Chinese Communists got most of their arms from the Kuomintang, which meant a lot came from US! I always think badly of the French for trying to maintain the colonial system AFTER what THEY experienced in the War! And then what the hell were WE thinking? Well, I know what. Now that people go there for vacations, it seems crazy mean and wrong in retrospect. Is this the greatest story of LIBERATION in history? In the top ten? Not my field.

  12. Tiendat Bùi says:

    Tran danh hay nhat dien bien phu

  13. Jose Rodolfo Aguirre says:

    Toda mi admiración y respeto al valeroso pueblo Vietnamita !!!!!!

  14. Capt Rabbit says:

    France did imperialsm everywhere

  15. Gốm Việt says:

    I LOVE VN 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  16. tiong loo says:

    France : We will hold on to Vietnam
    Viet : yeah right.
    Historian: France defeated.

  17. PraSuan ChinKham says:



    From the French, to Ike, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. The Viet Minh became the Viet Cong.

    After WWI, the League of Nations turned their back on a young Vietnamese man, by the name of Ho Chi Minh who requested help and aid for the young struggling government.

  19. The Vietnamese love peace, so they have the tenacity and indomitable to stand up and fight

  20. What happened to the French POWs?

  21. 8 year old says:

    France Not miss calculations it's just plain stupid
    With 25000 dead
    I wouldn't keep prisoners to be fair

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