Falklands War Combat Footage

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The Falklands war with british and argentine footage.

24 thoughts on “Falklands War Combat Footage

  1. LengSkeng says:

    Lesson: don’t try and take anymore of our empire. You’ve already pissed us off enough

  2. Lee Saunders says:

    Respect too Argentine air force for bravery but the royal air force in there harriers ripped you a new one!

  3. Greetings from Argentina! The british soldiers fighting with courage, respect to the fallens.. 🇦🇷🇬🇧

  4. Jorge Molina says:

    Piratas fuera de Sudamérica…😣 malvinas argentinas..

  5. THEO NEMESIS says:


  6. BA tronic says:

    Bandera del 1.º batallón del Regimiento n.º 71 Highlanders capturada durante la primera invasión inglesa en 1806 DERROTA INGLESA IN ARGENTINA

  7. anibal cesar nishizk says:

    It was an attempt to save the government,the islands were the mean to achieve such a goal.Luckily,they lost.

  8. Todos sabem que as Malvinas (falsas Falklands) são da Argentina!!

  9. Thankyou Please says:

    When I was a young British soldier I always wondered about the Falklands conflict. The innocent that suffered on both sides of a power play, for such a desolate place. I can understand thatchers governments decision to not lose face, but it still feels like such a waste. Argentina’s sole motivation of hiding there economic problems behind an invasion was just selfish to the troops on both side.

    RIP to all Argentinian and British service personnel.

  10. Mäkirannantörmä says:

    The Doors is more of a Vietnam era band, no? Shouldn't you play Toto or Dire Straits here?

  11. Amy Hones says:

    Where did you get the footage from if I may ask? I have been researching the falklands war and am interested in videos and footage from the war.

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