Falklands War – Argentine Perspective – An Inevitable Defeat? (Guerra de las Malvinas)

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René De La Pedraja: The Argentine Air Force versus Britain in the Falkland Islands, In: Higham & Harris: Why Air Forces Fail.


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Ethan Meixsell – Demilitarized Zone (the Irony:D).

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Almost all details is from the short article in the book Why Air Forces Fail. Wikipedia articles were used for some general details and check.

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The Counter-Design is heavily influenced by Black ICE Mod for the video game Hearts of Iron 3 by Paradox Interactive.

The Falklands War (Guerra de las Malvinas) in 1982 as seen by many as an inescapable defeat for Argentina, however taking a better look at the preparations or better the lack of preparation on the Argentine side reveals that the British might have dealt with a far more powerful opposition and might even had actually been beat a minimum of in their preliminary attacks. This video might likewise be seen as a how NOT to guide.

For the script and further details see: http://militaryhistoryvisualized.com/falklands-war-argentine-perspective-an-inevitable-defeat/