Falkland War Combat Footage 1982 Invasion to Surrender

The Forgotten War

21 thoughts on “Falkland War Combat Footage 1982 Invasion to Surrender

  1. Slickology-97 says:

    That's joji in the thumbnail

  2. S/V Restless says:

    Just watching this so I can see so e Argentine dead.

  3. Ashish limboo says:

    I see Asian people there whats going on

  4. 501st. Legion 100 says:

    Argentina is preparing again to invade no joke

  5. Luke Bell says:

    Slight typo at beginning

  6. old GHOST says:

    If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is Gurkha

  7. Jasen Wright says:

    Destroys the intensity of the video footage by the insane music used!

  8. Christine Crockford says:

    Where are the fulklands lol u got that wrong was falklands lol

  9. FMO Nemesis says:

    Is the not the music from Star Wars in that order 66 scene

  10. Thomas Starr says:

    The Argies started a war that they couldn't win. When they first Invaded the Falklands they didn't think that the UK would respond but how wrong theu were. The main thing that the Argies learnt during the Falklands war was to never mess with the British, we might be a small Island but we have the best special forces in the world (SAS & SBS) and we have the best allies in the world including the special relationship with the U.S.

  11. Unnamed Unknown says:

    Is that star wars music at the start lmaoooo

  12. Diego Perez says:

    Not 1.983 but 982 …baby

  13. Mandip Pokhreal says:

    I am a gorkha. And I know how to fight with khukuri

  14. Camilo florez says:

    Such a really cool war I wish it happened again

  15. TANGO- ECHO-21 says:

    The gurkhas attack them at night and massacred the argies by slitting their throats, Argentina didn't expect that kind of warfare, they shit themselves, ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸŽถ

  16. Great video, I loved it – BUT TURN DOWN THE F____KING MUSIC!!! It overrides the guy talking….

  17. Greyfells says:

    Gurkas, Scots, and Welsh Guards. They picked the toughest lads in the commonwealth for the fight, from the mountains.

  18. David Mulhall says:

    Great reception by the Brits for their forces

  19. absolutetruthokee says:

    Need to tone down the background music

  20. miguel pereyra says:


  21. miguel pereyra says:


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