Face to Face: On the Frontlines of Sudan's Civil War

Exclusive footage obtained by Nuba Reports filmed by both the Sudan Armed Forces and the Sudan Revolutionary Forces show two sides of the same battle in South Kordofan, Sudan.

46 thoughts on “Face to Face: On the Frontlines of Sudan's Civil War

  1. Microbologist Kloza says:

    That’s the end of their simple life.
    They supposed to think big

  2. Say hello to Abdel Azziz…in Nuba and Juba…with book 'Proud to be Nuba" RH

  3. lamad lamad says:

    sudan armed forces know that they are fighting a loosing war.

  4. Vincent Mbogo says:

    I'm glad my nilotic brothers in South Sudan got their independence.

  5. Hammad Khan says:

    Kill all the enemies of Islam

  6. All they say Allah akabar who is right and who will win

  7. Lokere David says:

    Sudan army are black why call them selves Arabs and kill their black men are they misused by Arabs in North

  8. With Abdel Azziz in Nuba Mts….many moons ago. What an experience

  9. Hima Aloob says:

    حرام يابلدي

  10. Звезды fire says:

    World peace 🙏🏻

  11. Dsm4g631Evo says:

    1:08 their leader is saying we wont retreat and we are all going to heaven yet he does not fight with his men. Again using religion to benefit oneself.

  12. usman kamboh says:

    ALLAH help of you from Pakistan

  13. Abdirahman Muse says:

    i love my brothers and sisters from suden allahu akbar☝ from Somalia

  14. Ashish Pal says:

    Bahut jhatu army hai

  15. Ivo The Street says:


  16. Jacob Makono says:

    ..we will go to heaven!which heaven you little fools!killers will never see Jesus!

  17. Muhammad Chad says:

    What's happening? Whom is fighting whom ?

  18. Eyad Osman says:

    هو بقسم الرزق دي كيف؟ لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

  19. لوين رايحين says:

    مين المستفيد الان بعد خمس سنوات
    شيخ الخلوة والطريقة هو الرابح الاكبر

  20. m.shakir iqbal palasra says:

    Obama structure

  21. محمد البيلاوي irad says:

    عاشت دولة السودان حره ابيه صامده بوجه الأعداء تحياتي إلى الشعب السوداني البطل

  22. Maninder jit Singh says:

    When they say Allah ho Akbar it means villain . Burden on Earth after isis. They kill Innocents in the name of Allah

  23. The Lion Of Judah says:

    Brothers killing brothers for no reason except evil ideas, all this blood and money that are being lost, can be use to fix one people's and one country. Till now no peace in North, South, East, Or West, why not love one another and give better future for the children. All Sudanese people from south to north from east to west need to unite and get it right, because this separation of each other make everyone weak. God is love and war never fix anything till now. Peace and love family.

  24. atif hassan says:

    كلهم يقلدو في جون قرنق

  25. النزير الرفاعي says:

    كيف الجنه والطرفين مسلمين
    القاتل والمقتول حكمهم عند رب العالمين
    الاسلام براء منكم الحركه والحكومه

  26. Abdiqani mohamud says:

    they are terrorist

  27. Tamer Yemeny says:

    Unfortunately, this army became mercenary because they fight in Yemen

  28. Full Flaps says:

    حروب من اجل الكرسي
    لادين لايحزنون

  29. GASIM HASSAN says:

    دي قوات المتمرد خليل ابراهيم
    حرب امدرمان

  30. Mstsfa Wdaa says:

    الجيش السوداني ٥٠% من قبائل الشمال و٣٠% من الجنوب ٢٠% الغرب
    المتمردين ٥٠% جنوب ٣٠% غرب٢٠% شمال
    او العكس صحيح… الخلاصه اخ يقتل اخاه
    المعارضه المساحه ليست الحل …

  31. Mohammed Hassan says:

    اي زول مات في حروب السودان فطيييس
    لأنكم بتقتلوا زول بقول لا إله إلا الله

  32. حسين عبدالمحمود says:


  33. Abdel Rbman says:

    دمرتو البلاد. يا كيزان

  34. Fahad Hassan says:

    Sudan south or north is the best in africa all are good people

  35. Fahad Hassan says:

    Sudan south or north is the best in africa all are good people

  36. قسم السيد حسن أحمد says:

    راحت عليك شمها قدحة

  37. Can God be kept out of this.U kill and God in yur killing business 😡😡

  38. Hersi Mire says:

    Sudan long live brothers from somalia

  39. Chol Makur says:

    how can you go to heven and you killing the human bing.

  40. Is there any peaceful islamic country?

  41. and democracy, am i right?

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