F-4 Phantom Pilots Vietnam

F-4 Phantom Vietnam

45 thoughts on “F-4 Phantom Pilots Vietnam

  1. Madde Maxx says:

    F-4 Ole Reliable go sizzle.
    But gotta give Kudos to the tenacity of the North Vietnamese people. Resilient.

  2. Lautaro Sarradell says:

    Someone can tell me what happen with the rope that catapults the plane one it goes into the water

  3. Robert Tiscione says:

    LBJ Ass hole. He was the ass hole that made them come in on the same flight paths

  4. fabio sunspot says:

    She's a beautiful gun platform, that 20mm would leave the north Vietnamese convoys in flames…

  5. So you've chosen death says:

    The F4 Phantom is a great jet powered plane but its heavy thats why the climb is not that good

  6. Roy Miller says:

    Chu Li MAC 12 supported us as we moved into Laos, The Marines had to add guns , planes were sent over toothless. RECON 101ST, 66-68

  7. fabio sunspot says:

    The Hanoi Hilton is where the pilots spent the vacation, it was terrible…

  8. @3:28 anybody intruding your home, bombing your villages, killing you people, destroying your resources to snatch your sovereignty and freedom worths hating, lynching, killing and hanging in the most brutal manner possible.

  9. Дмитрий Иванов says:

    Почему ни один американский палачь не ответил за эти преступления???

  10. Just go ahead and start the movie Top Gun at the end of this video….

  11. vatandaş riza says:

    Abd vietnamda dersini aldı çünkü vietnamda vatan haini yoktu …daha sonra abd ülkelere operasyon yaparken önce o ülkenin satilmislarini buldu…

  12. Howard Rickert says:

    Politicians pissed me off about the Vietnam war. If our objectives were to win, we would have. It was only to put money in pockets. The next conflict should be fought by politicians.

  13. We ( U.S) were not only fighting North Vietnam, We were fighting China and Russia also. We didn’t lose the war, we pulled out. The Paris peace accords was a peace agreement that finally ended the the involvement of U.S forces in Vietnam in 1973. The war ended officially by the capture of Saigon by PAVN ( Peoples Army of Vietnam)in April of 1975.

  14. Andréas Eliasson says:

    the mig-21 can do vertical anyday of the week with 70% throttle

  15. Johnny Petersen says:

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has made me fear the sight of a Phantom.

    Considering the ear deafening noises, two canisters of death and it's extremely random nature, you should fear it too.

    Now sorry for bothering ya with a video game, carry on

  16. Вячеслав Филимонов says:

    И на кой хер все это было нужно???
    Накрошили народу не меряно .Денег вбухали фигову тучу !!!
    Ради чего??????????

  17. MAsonTRIX says:

    There was no where to put the gun in the F-4. All engine plane, low and fast sweeper. It was like the modded 32' Ford lol.

  18. Рыбачок 21 says:

    Пришли на чужую землю.

  19. Vovan1PVN says:

    Въeбитe лайк, чтоб демократы думали, тип я что-то годное написал.

  20. jeff schoppers says:

    I always remember the phantom,
    From McDonald Douglas ,
    Scooby Doo meets the phantom
    And Kiss the phantom in the park.

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