Exploring ww2 trenches and WHAT a find. You wont believe it !

Exploring a lost WW2 location and we come across something
Join us and lets go out and find history together.

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My Email : ww2historyhunter@gmail.com

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My WW2 exploring gear :
My metaldetecting gear :
Makro Kruzer Multi detector
Nokta pin pointer
Makro KR 40 coil
Makro KR 13 coil
Makro/ Nokta waterproof headphones

Treasure & Gold Detectors

My underwater exploration gear :
QYSea Fifish V6S & V6
With a gripper to recover artifacts from the deep !
Omnidirectional and totally awesome for underwater exploration !

My underground explorer flashligh gear ;
Olight Seeker 2 Pro ( strong, durable , impressive beam )
Olight M2R Warrior ( you cant destroy it )
Olight X7R Marrauder ( mother of all flashlights and insane bright light )
Olight HS2 ( headlamp , very powerful )
Olight H2R ( Headlamp , versatile and extremely good for cave exploring