Exercise Bright Star 80 – 101st Airborne Division (November 1980)

Abstract: VS, Egyptian troops, coached by American troops firing M-79 grenade launchers which might be connected to M-16 rifles. LS, hits in goal space. VS, People firing M-79 grenade launchers. MCU, Egyptian officer talking at podium. VS, American and Egyptian officer in viewing stand. LS, American UH- 60 and an Egyptian copter hovering, troopers repelling from their respective copters. Int, American troopers in hovering copter, HAS, from hovering copter, American troopers repelling down rope to airfield tarmac. VS, American troopers donning repelling gear. LSs, A-7 plane making a bomb run over desert goal space. LS, bomb explosions in desert. LS, UH-60 copter in flight with slingloaded M-274 mechanical mule. LS, UH-60 copter hovering and releasing mechanical mule on desert. VS, US troopers loading belts of 20MM cannon shells into AH-1G copter. LS, hits in goal space. LS, A-7 plane making bomb run. LS, AH-1G copters in flight firing TOW missiles, rockets and 20mm cannons. LS, UH-60 Black Hawk copters making a mud storm as they land within the desert. LS, UH-60 brings in a slingloaded mechanical mule, troopers take away slings and drive off. LS, troopers fireplace TOW missile from mule, LS, explosions on desert goal. MS, US MG Taylor watching demonstration, MS, US and Egyptian troops on an Egyptian APC.

Nationwide Archives Identifier: 35440
Native Identifier: 111-LC-59945
This merchandise was produced or created:11/1980