Evacuation of Hungnam, Korea (December 1950)

EVACUATION OF HUNGNAM Korea – CPU #2Proj 50-19LST in harbor. Few refugees hurrying along dirt-covered road. Camera follows two little tots running.. Men firing mortars.L & Pan Shots, LSTs nosed to the beach. LCM pulling out loaded with troops of3rd Inf and 7th Inf Div. Troops walking past.Pan Shot, landing barges alongside of transport. Men are going up ship’s ladder to deck.HMS, RAdm James H Doyle, Vice Adm Arthur D Struble, Gen Edward M Almondon bridge of the USS Mt McKinley observing operations. Shot from the water, terrific explosion on distant shore. series of many explosions. (Blowing up of main docks by UDT) A tank loaded with boxes, barracks bags, boarding landing craft. A tracked vehicle, light tank, but no turret, pulling a trailer entering LST. Shot from landing craft of smoking shoreline and landing craft and LVTs lined up along shore.MS, man loading, firing mortar.MS, ROKs being counted as they form in line for loading; the men doing the counting are American soldiers.CU, gob sitting on the beach petting little black dog. RV, some men in LVT as it rolls into water. The sun is striking the water. (Note: Probably the evacuation of the perimeter at Hungnam.

Local Identifier: 111-ADC-8611


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