Escaped German Prisoners-of-War Stole A Plane

Many thanks to High Flight for Miles Magister footage. For more great footage of WWII aircraft today, visit the High Flight channel:

This is the amazing story of two Luftwaffe POWs who managed to escape from their camp in England and steal an RAF plane to fly to German-occupied Europe.

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35 thoughts on “Escaped German Prisoners-of-War Stole A Plane

  1. Best laugh I've had all week! «Sorry gentleman you deserve better luck!» That is such an English line, it is deserving of Monty Python!

  2. bursegsardaukar says:

    So the scene in the movie The Great Escape in which the two POWs stole a trainer plane to escape can be considered plausible although it did not happen.

  3. gravityprone part 2 says:

    Are there any interviews from these men or from anyone related to the story? That would be a good watch. Nice video Mark.

  4. Caroline Andrews says:

    All credit to them for trying. They would probably have got away with it if they'd had a better plane. In one way it's a good job they were recaptured because at least they both survived. As many people here have said if they had managed to get away and return to Germany they would most likely have been shot down again and probably killed.

  5. Joseph Bragg says:

    What the hell why not. What are they going to do shoot ya I'll bet the poles hated them

  6. Paul Thrutner says:

    I worked at that Shap-wells hotel😆😆

  7. Graham Temby says:

    This story would make a great Movie !!

  8. Wayne Maneki says:

    Hey what about the german pows in Russia!?

  9. Kenneth Cole says:

    A very nice use of model radio control aircraft.

  10. How do you tell your commanding officer that you just lost two POWs and an airplane? This would make a great movie…

  11. David Kreutzberger says:

    Great video Mark my dad was a German POW so l was rooting for these two but glad they turned back ,my dad was Wehrmacht soldier and first went to the states as POW when the Germans saw the industrial capacity of the US they knew they could never have prevailed.
    It was right that Nazi regime failed ,shame so many ordinary people died .

  12. Franky Lee says:

    Thanks for the great story. On the other side, the Americans are not that fair like the British. Sir Alfred Hitchkock made a movie in which a German submarine POW was quite cute and managed to escape.´the US marine. The movie was made in the 1950. Since then Hitchkock was not allowed to enter the USA again -later he didn't want to either.

  13. Got to do what you got to do.

  14. My hemorrhoids are killing me today. Sorry, it’s hard to think of anything else to say.

  15. Isn't funny that if it were two US airmen who escaped, they would have been shot on the spot by the SS.

  16. FortnerBuilt Motorsports says:

    Who is disliking these videos? Mark Felton has done seriously extensive research and much respect!

  17. Harbour Dog says:

    0:30 "The Great Escape" The doctor who gave birth to me was one of the tunnellers, but couldn't go in the breakout because he had a bad leg. Nigel Trask was his name.

  18. DifferentialTim says:

    Being up north, you really needed to steal a bomber to make it that far!!

  19. Penultimate H says:

    Yeah, I guess escaping from Canada was a non-starter.

  20. Paul Kirkland says:

    I have to ask – if their poor English necessitated that they masquerade as Dutch pilots, why did they have such obviously non-Dutch names on their forged ID documents ( at 6:31 – George David and Harry Graven ) ?

  21. Andrew Allen says:

    Pretty clever actually.

  22. ShaunieDale says:

    When we behaved like gentlemen. They did deserve better luck.

  23. Believe in Jesus Christ and you will be saved, John 3:16, KJV.

  24. Robert Kadow says:

    Very interesting

  25. Martin Lutharkink says:

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  26. Alan MacPhee says:

    your advertisers lie 🙁

  27. scoutsnipercanada says:

    It reminds me of the escape of a german pows from Central Canada hitched a ride to the Atlantic coast to Pointe de Maisonnette, NB in 1943 to await pick up by german u boats. Upon arrival they signaled the u boat from the beach only for the RCMP to show up. Arresting the pows and the RCN in pursuit of the u boats.

  28. Yuri Lebedev says:

    There was a group of Soviet POWs who attempted to escape from the German concentration camp located at Peenemunde (yes, THAT one) on a German He-111 plane. Considering the conditions in which the Soviet POWs were detained and the inevitable tortures and execution if they had been caught during preparations or the escape itself, the attempt was, in my view, by far more difficult, dangerous, skillful and daring – and yet nevertheless successful! The pilot's name was Mihail Devyataev. He initially was not treated well by the Soviet authorities upon his return – but, eventually, at the request of Korolev (yes, THAT one!) was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union – for the escape and, possibly, for the following help with the Soviet missile program.

  29. Simon Simon says:

    I'm Polish and give a like!

  30. Man what an adventure. Fortune does favor the bold!

  31. no tea noTell says:

    There's a really good old black and white film very similar to this called The one that got away.

  32. Survival Health and Healing TV says:


  33. John Neville says:

    I can think of worst places to sit out the war than a stately home in the English Lake District.

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