Early in Battle of Peleliu (Raw Combat Footage)

Battle of Peleliu, beginning of conflict with fighting near the airfield and the village of Omaok. Marines are shown patrolling, fighting with small arms, and resting in trenches. Dead Japanese are shown, and wounded Marines get treated and carried off on stretchers.

12 thoughts on “Early in Battle of Peleliu (Raw Combat Footage)

  1. larry mack says:

    i was always under the impression a battle/war required an enemy. watching this this i can't help but wonder; where are the japanese troops?

  2. Scott Dickens USMC says:

    Those Marines fought with all their hearts and souls. Was supposed to be a 4 day battle turned into months and human slaughter of the highest requard so sad the carnage that took place here. Their very souls were ripped out in these islands never again to return. Semper Fidelis Always to the brave men that gave their all. Being a Marine makes me respect these warriors and what they did . We must never forget this and all the Battles that took place for our Freedom.

  3. bustybob buttertits says:

    0.42 is that a head or am I bugging

  4. I’ll never take a glass of water for granted again

  5. Bryson Eyman says:

    Where do you find this? Does the government just have all of this footage sitting in basemen?

  6. Noel Phagoo says:

    This was hell on earth

  7. David Winter says:

    Not so long after the battle of Pelelieu and the great casualties the top brass decided the island was no longer useful and it was abandoned. Go figure.

  8. Carl Marshall says:

    If only the cameras back then could record sound too

  9. Patrick Purcell says:

    To the lasting disgrace of the Navy and Marine commanders at Peleliu, they failed to supply the troops with adequate clean drinking water. The footage at 7:15 was not an isolated incident. the 55 gallon drums used for water had previously held oil and they were never properly cleaned. Thousands of Marines had no choice but to drink oily, rusty sludge in the summer heat and humidity of Peleliu. If it happened today it would be a major scandal, but in 1944 it was just another burden the Marines shouldered in the long, bloody fight to secure yet another heavily defended island in a long, brutal war.

  10. SLR107FR31 says:

    That dude trying to get water from those damn 55 gallon oil drums, and it was dirty brown. Lazy officers thought it was a good idea to use empty oil drums as water jugs. Sledge talked about it in his book, they had to drink it or else they would've passed out crossing the airfield

  11. Philbyd 123 says:

    What a world it must have been for a war like this to have happened

  12. Dwight Turner says:

    Hardly anyone knows how the battle for Pelelieu had more percent of casualties during the beach landing than any other beach landing by the American military. A full 40% either died or was wounded.

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