Dry Dock. Kaga. History of World of Warships.

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Japanese Tier VIII heavy aircraft carrier Kaga—a ship whose hull was intended for a battleship, but was repurposed as an aircraft carrier mid-construction due to international treaty limitations. After operating with an innovative triple flight deck configuration for several years, the ship would go on to receive a dramatic overhaul. Take a look at the legendary warship from an unusual angle in Dry Dock!

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36 thoughts on “Dry Dock. Kaga. History of World of Warships.

  1. royan agung fahrezi says:

    Plise for andorids

  2. Graf zeppelin never SAW battle and Lies in the bottom of the Baltikum sea

  3. 中野郁雄 says:


  4. pc.clinic.center says:

    And when will we be able to see sailors on board the ships?

  5. pc.clinic.center says:

    Y para cuando podremos ver marineros a bordo de los barcos ?

  6. I still cant get her in 3-4

  7. Jack the Gestapo says:

    fox girl waifu

  8. Bez znaczenia says:

    Who know what is title a background music?

  9. The1stGibble says:

    Tch World of warships players

    Ps there is nothing wrong if u play wow it was just a meme I saw no offense guys sorry

  10. Nam van bui says:

    What about Shinano?

  11. Just a random Soviet officer with good Internet says:

    Add Kamikazes on Japanese CVs.

  12. Your Game is Dead… camping op cvs and u are even encouraging that… Why Are u like that?

  13. Dia Kurosawa says:

    Great, ShittyGaming is begging for more money!!
    With the current trash matchmaking system.
    Ehh! Just Nope!!

  14. Anderson Silva says:

    In the epoch of that war, Kaga was extremely powerful, sailed across the entire ocean. And sending the landing troops.

  15. Raul Reyes says:

    Is there a game update that can put ijn kaga tu the mobile game ?

  16. Friedrich Nietzsche says:

    Sir can you please tell me the gun calibre of IJN Tosa.

  17. I thought Kaga was the lead ship of the Kaga class. wasn't Tosa the second ship?

  18. Jaime Cortesão Casimiro says:

    This is probably my favourite aircraft carriers

  19. 野良犬撮影隊 二大隊四中隊一区隊 第八任務群 says:


  20. Pavlin Lazarov says:

    Can you make Sovetsky Soyuzn dry dock please🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Muhammad Huda Fiqri says:

    3-4 the kaga curse

  22. Fariz Avianto says:

    Watch about the 11-year old girl from lone star state from season 7 which become ninja master

  23. 카가가 플미인가 정규항모 탄 적군보다 더럽게 못타는 경우 허다한데 확실히 항모에서 실력차 나면 대부분 겜 퍼짐

  24. Tanya Matusiak says:

    Kaga is Favorite warship

  25. IJN Akagi says:

    IJN Akagi when T^T

  26. Rotceh E.C says:

    We recreate ships accurately but…. the balance is PURE fantasy :=)

  27. Can we can USN CV Wasp CV 7 at Tier 6?

  28. Phantom Ship says:

    We need the gluttony Bauxite Queen Akagi

  29. Cloud Wind says:

    Cute Kuudere sleepy carrier with side tail

    btw. there is JS Kaga today and KanColle has collab with JMSDF.

  30. Anderson Silva says:

    Let's ask, rising sun flag back to the warship. 😃 😃

  31. Capt. Sum Ting Wong says:

    "We recreate ships accurately." XDDD LMAO Yeah right, kiss my ass. Some ships that existed that are in the game aren't accurate, Fubuki had 3 turrent but yall nerf it to have only 2. And all of the Japanese destroyers should have access to the Type 93 Long lance Torpedos with 20 miles ranges. But yeah that be OP at T5-T7, shouldnt say such a bold statement. We know its not the Narrator fault, he's getting paid to read a script

  32. Well give me the Essex back

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