Desert Storm Combat Footage

February 27, 1991.

6 thoughts on “Desert Storm Combat Footage

  1. Warren Chambers says:

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip. Dam I've heard that many times. Very comforting. 👍

  2. Skorpy Nekomimi says:

    Can't really blame the iraqis for surrendering when faced with all that firepower. Why give your life for a dictator when you're just a conscript?

  3. Jim joe Kelly says:

    The future is now saddam

  4. Opa Ecraep says:

    Yep I was in the background refueling and rounds to the M-1s.

  5. SgtZak OWSS says:

    I was there on the ground. Watching the a-10. Nothing felt better

  6. Jackalski57 says:

    A-10's in the air whistling by and that characteristic gun sound and you know you're good, but the enemy isn't. As he said effin' awesome! Thanks for posting!

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