Delta Force | 1st SFOD-D | CAG – "Best of the Best"

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Delta Force also known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta(1st SFOD-D), Combat Applications Group (CAG), Task Force Green (TF Green) or simply The Unit, is the US Army’s elite counter-terrorism unit.

Delta Force operators are the Best of the Best within the US Army. Extremely well trained and professional soldiers, capable of conducting the most complex and dangerous operations for the US military.

Delta Force holds its selection process twice a year in the mountains of West Virginia. If the candidates pass the initial one-month selection process they will go onto the Operators Training Course (OTC). OTC is a six-month course where the candidates will learn everything from CQB to Tradecraft.

Only around 10% of candidates will successfully pass Delta Force selection.

A Squadron (Assault)
B Squadron (Assault)
C Squadron (Assault)
D Squadron (Assault)
Combat Support Squadron (contains WMD experts, EOD personnel, medical personnel, SIGINT specialists, and other specialists)
H Squadron (Nuclear Disposal)

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