Deep sea explorers discover WWII aircraft carrier USS Wasp

Deep sea explorers found the USS Hornet in the South Pacific earlier this year. CBS News was onboard the research ship when robot submaries discovered the wreck. Now, we are learning the USS Hornet was not the only World War II aircraft carrier located on that expedition. Mark Phillips reports.

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45 thoughts on “Deep sea explorers discover WWII aircraft carrier USS Wasp

  1. FerraroGaming says:

    My grandpa served on the wasp, he was on the cv-18 which was decommissioned in 71 I believe, he was on the ship during the Cuban missile crisis and vividly remembered when a Russian helicopter landed on the ship and gave the admiral a bottle of vodka

  2. Steve davis says:

    Always remember the service men that died for our freedom

  3. Jacob Thomason says:

    My great grandfather served on this ship until the Wasp CV-7 was hit with the 3 torpedos and remained in the navy until 1944, I wish he could’ve lived to see the ship found

  4. Bradyn Urfer says:

    im going to buy a rc USS wasp and modify it to look like the wasp from ww2 in honor of the entire crew, jim included

  5. Number 63 says:

    I know I am very late to this but the thumbnail is actually USS Hornet. Kinda rude to do that but whatever.

  6. Steven Dee says:

    Glad they found her. My gramps served on her namesake on cv-18 later

  7. Karl Kennedy says:

    My dad was on the USS wasp Kennedy where y'all I'm Carl Kennedy I'm his son

  8. tristan games says:

    I have this think were what ever picture I see or an ship that sunk I can see me surviving it and see it happen in my real live or can see what it is like to live in the 60s is that weird or normal or like can see me being that person in the picture

  9. My Dad was on it when it was hit but he would never talk about it.

  10. Mad Animations says:

    My grandfather was on the USS Hornet and this made my eye start to tear up cause he died on it

  11. David Young says:

    Hope they look for the General Belgrano sunk by British nuclear submarine in Falklands,, Margaret Thatcher should have been charged with war crimes for the sinking

  12. My father was also on the USS Wasp during WWII. He was on it when it was torpedoed.

  13. navyskaterdude says:

    I was an AO, ( Aviation Ordinanceman ) in the Navy. Nice Story

  14. Lucien Postle says:

    Pretty sure they used the wasp to resupply Sicily or something (Mediterranean)

  15. Thomas Mcray says:

    My grandfather Allen C McRay, served on the Wasp when she went down. If he had died that day, I would not be here today.

  16. anibal cesar nishizk says:

    Accordin to Edwyn Hoyt who wrote"Guadalcanal"the I-19 commanded by capt.Kinashi made the most difficult operation a sub commander can do: A six torpedo salvo, expecting if the coveted targed was missed the torpedoes could hit another target.They hit three:USS Wasp,USS North Carolina and the USS O'Brien.The latter got hit but didn't sink in the moment but when It was steaming to Noumea.

  17. Senkan Haruna says:

    Dude looks good for 98 I'd easily mistake him for some in prob late 70s

  18. Now if they could only find all four Japanese carriers sunk at Midway….

  19. ginnrollins211 says:

    I hope we will find both Nevada-class battleships and the Japanese carriers sunk during the Battle of Midway.

  20. Andrew Baker says:

    The Wasp was a poorly designed ship, but her men fought bravely, and she gave everything she had.

  21. It would be nice to find the USS Oklahoma BB37 . Lost while being tow to California .

  22. Oliver Northrup says:

    Great uncle Jake Jacob schuch was transferred from the uss Arizona to the north african theater as a native German speaker he could help decipher German radio transmissions on December 6th 1941 just hours before the Arizona was destroyed at Pearl Harbor within months he was transferred to the USS Wasp it was on board when she was sunk out from under him. You never lived to see her found he died in the 1980s and was buried at Sea my grandfather and my father off the coast of California Grandma Tina never let him live down the fact is that for a year-and-a-half she's already had died on the Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack because he wasn't allowed to contact any of his family let me know he has survived and is not been on board the Arizona when the attack happened which is why he contacted her as soon as possible let her know he is survived the sinking of the wasp you never forgot either ship or the friends he lost on both of them.

  23. USS Hornet, USS Lexington, USS Yorktown, and nowadays

    USS Wasp.
    I wonder if they can find USS Gambier Bay?!!

  24. Kevin Yancey says:

    How many people really have the resources to scavenge 2.5 below the waves? Watching billion dollar wreck and imagining the costs involved, and they're only 300 feet down! The Titanic's location is known and very few people have been down to see her. Besides, what could you possibly want from an aircraft carrier, that was blown up and sunk 77 years ago? All organic material is gone and everything else is covered in sea life and cursed souls!

  25. Stephen Gordon says:

    Show me a scavenger that can get to s ship 3 1/2 miles under the ocean !

  26. 762x51nato says:

    In my previous post I forgot to mention that USS Wasp, CV7 had insufficient engine power. Her turbines were too small to move her at fleet carrier task force speeds, as I recall her best flank speed was 26 to 27 kts although she was rated at 30 kts. But this was accomplished at a cost, her machinery was chronically over worked, during her war life she had to go into dry dock to have her engine turbines overhauled, twice as I recall. Then she was killed. At least she died with her flag flying, not demolished for scrap like they did to the USS Enterprise, CV 6.

  27. 762x51nato says:

    I recently read that USS Wasp, CV7 was a poorly designed ship, that she was the bock beer carrier of the Washington Naval Treaty, the tonnage left over from what was allowed for in the treaty. Not quite big enough, with fuel tanks and magazines that lacked sufficient armor protection located directly under the island. The water main could be disabled by one good break, DC capacity was insufficient. And the boiler rooms and fire rooms were joined, a single hit killed both. No power, your ship will die. I believe this is correct. Please correct me, Wasp was a fine ship, a proud member of the USN. She and her crew gave their all, succumbing in battle, they deserve the honor of being remembered factually.

  28. What a twist of fate. Ships that were thought lost ended up being saved from the scrappers torch at the bottom of the ocean

  29. My father served on the USS Wasp CV-7 until the day she was torpedoed. He survived this attack and retired after 20 years as an enlisted sailor in the US Navy.

  30. Jonathan Hansen says:

    My late father who was a career Navy Chief (another 30 year man) spoke about an individual he sailed with in the 1950’s who had been on board the USS LEXINGTON, USS YORKTOWN, and USS WASP, when they were sunk in WW2. Said the standing joke was “OH NO! THIS GUY’S ON BOARD! THE SHIP’S GONNA SINK!”

  31. Jean Bohnhoff says:

    My dad was on the Wasp when it was torpedoed that day. I wonder if that 98 year old knew my dad. My dad went on to be a Commander also and worked at the Pentagon.

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