Declassified dogfight footage: F-14 Tomcat vs. Libyan MiG-23

1989 Tobruk encounter between two F-14 Tomcats of the USS John F. Kennedy and two MiG-23 Floggers of Libya. Unsurprisingly, the Tomcats come out on top.

23 thoughts on “Declassified dogfight footage: F-14 Tomcat vs. Libyan MiG-23

  1. Servant of Christ says:

    They tracked them from 16 miles away. Amazing technology

  2. Video game viewer says:

    Being a warrior doesn’t mean you love the fight, it means you won’t back down from the fight.

  3. I heard one was in an inverted dive and they got a good Polaroid of it

  4. Marvin Junior says:

    Awesome man just awesome more please is there other videos?

  5. Mohandro Xz says:

    Why on earth would you penetrate a countries aerial space with fighter jets?

  6. shreddder999 says:

    I think the narrator is the same guy who did the Hartz Mountain parakeet training record.

  7. Dink Martini says:

    "Master Arm is on." "Uh…wait a minute." Pilot was having NONE of the waitaminute.

  8. Why do we have to wait so fuking long to shoot…? Curtis Lemay is turning over in his grave!

  9. Old Gregg says:

    It was Marty & The Doc flying the F-14’s. That’s would explain the hostile Libyans.

  10. for anyone confused fox 1 is semi active radar guided missiles and fox 2 is ir guided

  11. Herb Dean says:

    You notice how they're still concerned about the other pilots

    They seem very glad to see two chutes

    And they keep mentioning it ("good chutes on all of 'em" etc)

  12. Raijin Gaming says:

    Waaaaay too much panic here. It's a 2 v 1 where the Tomcat has a wide advantage over the mig. They could have toyed with it if they wanted to.

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