Deck Scenes aboard USS Wisconsin

(7 Dec 1941) Story 1
428 NPC 8804 – Deck Scenes aboard USS Wisconsin
Colour Silent 1945
Logging from NARA ARC database:
1) MS Destroyer underway in heavy weather, OS2U on launching platform.
2) CU Bow of destroyer pulling heavy swells, men on deck haul on lines alongside.
3) HS-MS Fuel lines pass from cruiser to destroyer.
4) MS Tank ships alongside destroyer burn fuel operations rolling heavily.
5) CU Afterdeck of destroyer as men pull on line.
6) HS-CU Man coils rope.
7) MS From superstructure looking forward on destroyer: USS Wisconsin–waves break over bow (dramatic shot).
8) MS Aircraft carrier underway, USS Lexington.
9) MS Looking forward on bow of USS Wisconsin as waves break over bow.
10) MS Aircraft carrier, USS Lexington underway.
11) LS Sunset scenes in color.
12) GV Two battleships underway.
13) MS-Pan Superstructure of battleship, USS Wisconsin to planes being launched and catapulted.
14) GV-Pan Sunset.
15) MS Trail of USS Wisconsin underway in heavy seas, waves break over bow.

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14 thoughts on “Deck Scenes aboard USS Wisconsin

  1. Awesome footage, thank you for sharing 👌🏻

  2. #THE BEST EVER #TBE History says:

    Iowa class has bassically fletchers on each side

  3. Jeffrey Daniel says:

    Iowa class was an incredible ship series.

  4. Ridzuan NY says:

    U need kept that ship afloat..

  5. Rafael Griffith says:

    Wow…just so breathtaking. So nostalgic seen faces I've never known but sure their actions gave us all this piece of freedom.

  6. Niclas Johansson says:

    The Iowa class was NOT made for heavy seas

  7. C and K Early Warning Systems says:

    Iowas sure did like to knife through the waves… the long beam to length and the clipper bow made her a bit wet up forward…

  8. White shoes with no socks, barefoot, hats worn like lampshades…love it.

  9. IKS Exploration says:

    wow them sunsets amazing video 🙂

  10. Shorty Medlock says:

    My Dad was likely
     aboard ship when that was shot…

  11. Underway refueling of a FLETCHER. Neat. TNX.

  12. CaesarInVa says:

    Anyone know what Essex-class carrier that is steaming abeam at 7:00?  Kinda wondering if she could be my Dad's old carrier, the Lexington (CV-16).

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