DCS World – MiG-21 vs MiG-19 – Vietnam 1972

MiG-19 (Shenyang J-6) was introduced to North Vietnamese People’s Air Force in January 1969, more than three years after the first personnel was sent to China to train on this new type. Some problems such as extremely low range and lack of air-to-air missiles made it less successful than the other two types in VPAF’s service and on top of that, the first two years were marked by fatal accidents in one of which the unit’s CO lost his life.
19 January 1972, two MiG-19s were scrambled and ordered to fly holding patters above their airfield. Two MiG-21s were ordered to intercept a contact detected by a radar station. Things would soon go horribly wrong.
DCS World features several Cold War era MiG fighters. This time two of them appeared in the same video on this channel.

Source: Istvan Toperczer – Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 130 – MiG-17-19 Aces of the Vietnam War

Music: Imperial Forces – Aaron Kenny

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0:00 Cinematic Intro
3:15 Narrative Intro
5:56 The Shootdown
8:24 Post-battle Analysis
9:43 Landing

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