Dad Cries To Green Berets Niger Ambush And Combat Footage REACTION!!

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Welcome back, todays video is a Green Berets video. This video is dedicated to those heroic Americans who lost their lives on the battle field. God bless them. Can’t begin to feel what those berets must have been feeling. They never gave up! God bless our troops. Thank you to those who serve our country. Before you guys watch make sure to like, comment and subscribe so you never miss a video! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Dad Cries To Green Berets Niger Ambush And Combat Footage REACTION!!

  1. Binnif TheBenis says:

    This video was the final straw that got my blood boiling on my to the recruiters office to join the Marines. My greatest regret is that I have none. But I damn sure wish we were still kicking these asshole's doors down and putting them down like the dogs they are, fuck em, man, fuck ISIS, the Taliban, fuck that entire region

  2. SirBlizzard says:

    The one guy to returned to his downed brother and fought to their death was a good man Didn't leave his friend to die alone but they died together.

  3. Jesse Goshorn says:

    I already subbed n liked but the fact you put a Bible verse into this… I freakin love man.

  4. The body camera footage is heart breaking especially at the end when you see one of them Finish of the American. God bless America and it’s troops

  5. My Farts Stank says:

    I'm new to the channel so I'm def gonna start binging this channel haha. I've seen this and you guy's are the only one's who've talked much about it. Pretty sad when that stuff happens. Thanks for paying Respect to them and not being like rude like ashtyn and jons stupid channel. You guy's actually talk and give insight to the video. Keep going!!

  6. G Rosebud says:

    Thanks for the entertainment fellas.. you seem like a great family.. gods bless ya’ll

  7. Damn where's the sound on the actual video? I wanted to hear the Vulcan taking souls again

  8. Kevin OToole says:

    Crazy thing is there’s a documentary that features these same men killed weeks before it happens

  9. Great reaction. Thanks for the respect you showed the fallen by blurring out the footage of their deaths.

  10. 1IbramGaunt says:

    Anyway here's to them all. Let's just say that hit me pretty hard emotionally that did. Always remember a fallen hero people, at least once a year. raises glass of 12-year-old Royal LochNagar

  11. 1IbramGaunt says:

    And for the numbers apparently it was only about 10 Americans & around 35 local Nigerian troops, with some French air-support later on, against about a hundred enemy fighters

  12. 1IbramGaunt says:

    As for what they were doing there, fighting ISIS, from what I understand, or rather the ISGS specifically ("Islamic State In The Greater Sahara"), and trying to support friendly local troops and some French forces already fighting against them; this ambush apparently was not long after an attempt to take out one of the big Islamic State leaders in the area, probably mainly retaliation for it

  13. 1IbramGaunt says:

    "bearded bastards", cool nickname but if it is from Afghanistan it's a bit rich coming from the TALIBAN lol

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