COVID in CHECHNYA! A victorious war?

A Republic in Russia’s South with a tainted war-torn reputation – but is this one battle won? In an RT EXCLUSIVE for intl. media, our correspondent investigates why Chechnya is going about life like it’s 2019!

Thousands are packed into public areas and mask mandates have been binned. In the West, it’s a very different story when it comes to basic freedoms!

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35 thoughts on “COVID in CHECHNYA! A victorious war?

  1. Johnnie Walker says:

    China should learn from the Russians in dealing with Xinjiang?

  2. Talal Huss says:

    We can thank china for all this crap

  3. Umair Ansari says:

    Abdullah anzorovo ❤️❤️❤️from chechnya
    The guy that killed Samuel patty

  4. Arableciderboy says:

    They’re freer than me in Chechnya because they don’t have to wear a mask? Keep dreaming.

  5. Fuvk, whats so special in chechenya beating people not following rules..

    Havent we seen enougj police in UK, france, spain, US, they all beat people in the street. They ecen use water canon!

    This guy is kind of propaganda, making double standards

  6. Saddam Hussein says:

    Chechnya for Russia !
    Palestine for Palestinians!
    Nato,EU, israel and ISIS Are The virus !

  7. Amin Hadi says:

    Nice country in Russia.
    Look USA Brazil n EU terrible sick n moral.

  8. Hans Weissmann says:

    Halal vaccine? Interesting…….

  9. YoungDiplomat says:

    I'm waiting for the Chechnya traitors separatists to claim that Chechnya is not a part of Russia. Chechnya is Russia and will always be Russia.

  10. Schaih Mansur says:

    Bullshit. Too many died. Calling it a victory. Only possible with russian propaganda.

  11. No one knows for sure what is going on there. Russians (I mean ethnicity) do not delve deeply into their affairs.

  12. This place looks kind a scary, nobody even wants to talk to the RT reporter, that says a lot!

  13. Roger Burn says:

    Can you believe it THE Oppressive CHECHNYA has Become More Free than the Western supposedly Free Countys. No More Locdowns. in CHECHNYA. I em moving to chechnya tomorrow.

  14. the Truth shall make you free says:

    Chechnya shall shall go to kiss the Russian meteorite from 2015 – for it's bigger than the (meteorite idol) in pagan kabba……. The false prophet Muhammad believed that meteorites are coming from muslim paradise ( Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 26, Number 673 )…

  15. Huda Fadhila says:

    Kalian telah memenangkan kebohongan ini 🔥🔥

  16. Василий Филатович says:



    Endless PLANDEMIC & TOXIC vaccines Marches on or ZZZZZ!.. or endless crime against humanity & WILDLIFE population Marches on.. via SAME GERM WARFARE MARCHES ON..

  18. Life with Sharon B says:

    We are free here in the state of Florida. No need to go over there.

  19. Mike Powell says:

    Better still folks, without that CIA/Mossad support.

  20. israel rivera says:

    Don't understand the purpose of the report! The "journalist" is trying to make Chechnya SUCCESS Over Cov- "Look Bad"?

  21. Justin 'J Money Show' McClure says:

    lol, you misspelled the 'flu'


    Deleted comments again or lol. Via Same fake ZIONIST RT COMPLEX too..


    BDS EXPANSION & BODIES BAGS RULES!. Thanks heroes & martyrs.. FREE Palestinian/Syria to Afghanistan. Afghan to CHECHEN too. & TARTAN muslims population TOO… or Same endless crime against humanity Marches on.. via TOXIC VACCINES BOMBINGS AGAIN.

  24. First Last says:

    yes like human rights


    Endless crime against humanity & land theft expansion Marches on.. via TOXIC vaccines TOO…

  26. Шураков Михаил says:

    Beautiful film, I think in Chechnya really Covid game over)

  27. Kiwi Bewe says:

    Chechnya women look beautiful and men look strong.

  28. Disgusting and refined propaganda: "Obey the state, don't ask questions and you'll be fine"
    Why didn't you did a hit piece on Tanzania, before the president "death", where the quotidian was normal without state promoted measures and injections? Or in Belarus, where you preferred to report on the artificially created protests against the president that did denounce the UN/FMI/WB blackmailing. You are only showing that Russia is part of the club, that is enforcing technocracy, fear and a NWO based on fear and obedience.

  29. SNAFU radio says:

    this reporter is like a rat, always hunting for his CV19 cheese… dude can only talk about CV19 your hit piece didnt work jackass we all know its a scamdemic

  30. abdi osman says:

    Covid afraid in chechnya…mansha allah

  31. Will Budic says:

    It is more part of Russia than Ukrania is. Muslims are allowed by Slavs. Can live with Christians.

  32. rick lulu says:

    No body die from covid. It's all staged with the adjustable test kit

  33. Quiet Jagung says:

    No one trust western journalist not to spin what they say to suit the editor's pre-scripted narrative hence the awkwardness.

  34. The :CueCat says:

    Seems to be good to be true.
    Theres an open secret but you dont know what it is because you dont live there.
    Very good report and not sure if the rest of the world needs to take notes but….

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