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Conqueror British Tier X battleship.
This ship was designed as a battleship with increased firepower on the basis of the British experience in ship construction gained during World War II. The project featured twelve 419 mm main guns, the strongest broadside of any Royal Navy vessel.

Pros:( +)
Excellent AP and HE shell performance. Conqueror is capable of destroying her enemies at any range.
High HE fire chance means that a salvo with multiple hits almost guarantees a fire, making her extremely effective against aircraft carriers.
Armor-piercing shells have short-fuse, allowing for fewer overpenetrations on cruisers, aircraft carriers, and destroyers.
Amazing concealment, rivaling most cruisers and even beating some. Conqueror can sneak around a flank or disengage in order to repair the damage she has sustained in battle.
Access to the same crazy Specialized Repair Teams (While active, restores a percentage of the ship’s health points each second.) consumable found on high tier British cruisers, capable of repairing huge amounts of damage, including 75% of normal penetration damage. Predominantly immune to DOT effects and if Conqueror can survive a ram, will heal an incredible amount.
Excellent anti-aircraft suite. When fully specialized for it, Conqueror is capable of shredding enemy aircraft.
Solid handling characteristics. With an above-average stock rudder shift time and turning radius, Conqueror is capable of outmaneuvering Montana and Großer Kurfürst. Yamato has a smaller turning radius but has a slower rudder shift time.

Cons:( – )
Health point pool is the second lowest among all Tier X battleships.
Despite a thick armor belt that is capable of stopping small-medium caliber shells, Conqueror has a citadel that’s raised above the waterline and is vulnerable to high caliber AP shells when broadside.
No protection against HE shells; her entire deck is basically unarmored besides the minimum armor for the tier.
Same short-fuse on the AP leads to poor performance against battleships at medium-to-long range.
Conqueror is a massive ship, which makes it hard to operate in close quarters. She is also a large target for enemy destroyers to hit with torpedoes, combined with the fact she has very poor torpedo protection compared to other Tier X battleships.
Slower than Großer Kurfürst and Montana, though not by much.
Even when fully specialized, Conqueror’s secondary armament is underwhelming due to its sluggish reload and low firepower.
Conqueror has her anti-aircraft armament concentrated into a relatively low number of mounts that are grouped on her superstructure, leading to many of them becoming incapacitated fairly quickly by high-explosive shells.
Lacks access to either Spotting Aircraft (While active, a spotter plane circles the ship enhancing main battery firing range.) or Catapult Fighter (While active, a group of fighter planes circles the ship providing protection by attacking incoming enemy aircraft.) consumables.

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