Compilation US Army Helicopters Lost During the Vietnam War

Compilation US Army helicopters shot down during the Vietnam War 1964 to 1973.

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29 thoughts on “Compilation US Army Helicopters Lost During the Vietnam War

  1. 0:49 can anyone explain why this pic have a little censor thing near that boy's leg?

  2. Peter Hyatt says:

    No horses in Vietnam x.

  3. Andrew Martin says:

    9.01 mark. That is not the Vietnam war, that is a Huey that crashed and killed Vic Morrow and the kids making the film "Twilight Zone the Movie".

    I bet you are pleased with yourself John Landis.

    The kids should have been in bed and not under a helicopter at 2am.

  4. MajorEasley says:

    David vs Goliath. Vietnamese perseverance Paid off big time.

  5. Joseph Bragg says:

    Lt. Kennard Svano shot down in 1969 and all others we salute you.

  6. Looks Twice the Breed says:

    God bless the pilot's and crews whose heroism and strong will saved many lives including my father from my heart truly thank you God bless you all I love you all and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice thank you

  7. Roger Bonds says:

    F to pay respects for the helicopters and the crew. You did damn well marines.

  8. stag3t-m uspsa says:

    My shop teacher was a huey pilot….back in high-school…he was over there in 68 69 I think…..he use to say the huey was the B52 OF ALL CHOPPERS…

  9. Suncast45 says:

    I watched every day at Tan Son Nhut as disabled choppers of all varieties were air lifted into Hotel 1. Thank You Men and Women for all you did. (An old Skycop)!

  10. My grandfather flew F5’s and F4’s in Vietnam. He would be ordered to RTB, and if he had extra ordinance, he would blow up wrecks of Chinooks, Cobra’s and Hueys to keep the technology and weaponry from falling into enemy hands. He was of course ordered to do this. He himself was shot down in an F5 and went down with the plane, narrowly surviving. He used his signal pistol to set the wreck ablaze and was soon evacuated by marines. Respect to all the pilots and their companions.

  11. Royer Mora says:

    Rastros de sangre en minuto 1.1

  12. Mark Schofield says:

    If all that money that was wasted on the Vietnam war was spent on the us people, how much better would life have been for so many.

  13. Hello from Sweden 🇸🇪

  14. Phác Chí Mẫn says:

    N ê chề dswhsh

  15. Jose Pinel says:

    Derriban helicóptero sam.7

  16. Thanks Troop service in Vietnam before 1975.

  17. Never lost a Huey or LOH – but close. WO1, 11th ACR, 1970-1971

  18. YEU YEU SAI GON says:



    Cảm ơn bạn đã đưa lên YouTube


    Chủ tịch hồ Chí Minh vĩ đại sống mãi trong sự nghiệp của

  21. chanchan a says:

    Các bạn mỹ có thấy đau lòng không.

  22. Thích Đít DIY says:

    0:46 I like it, so much, it should be… forever

  23. The F-Zone says:

    the song should be fortunate son

  24. Can we take a moment to respect these helicopter crews like just look at this 1:01

  25. Tiffany Cao says:

    This was your grandparents tax money Lol

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