Combat In Afghanistan

Enemy combatants for U.S. troops are on the rise in Afghanistan. Lara Logan reports from a forward operating base near Pakistan.
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29 thoughts on “Combat In Afghanistan

  1. PFC. Harper says:

    Nobody zooms in on Falluhja. That was my most explosive battle.

  2. Steven Melsom says:

    No reason for Americans to be there other than politicians said so . Send politicians instead.

  3. The same Globalist policies that were at work in Vietnam are at work in Afghanistan in that the US troops are limited in their actions by laws, regulations and orders to prolong the war as much as possible.

    The Globalists are the same people who run the UN and have gifted us with the fake Covid pademic, yep, the same people who hate Trump while they promote Socialism and war in different parts of the world!

  4. You cannot tame the mujahedeen

    But if you come with good intent, they will welcome you with kind spirit and a warm embrace

    This is not our land.

    Any attacks on us are from a prior infraction of justice

    Eye for an eye
    Tooth for a tooth
    And the blood spilled of a thousand more for making the first strike

    This is revenge of the devine
    These are God's people who will never lose their faith

  5. Salvador Rico says:

    dammm 10 years ago and still in continues respect to us troops

  6. Jjgalugie says:

    We were given a garden and this is what we created with it

  7. Derek Allgood says:

    mad respect to the reporters that put themselves in the front lines to show us the war.

  8. mcgman 80 says:

    The boys must have lost their minds when she touched down !

  9. You should’ve told your daughter that you are the bad people infiltrating some one else’s land for oil and other resources. In the end, your army had no choice but to compromise with Taliban. You created them and you lost to them. Shame!

  10. as soon as the west pull-out it will all go back to the same as it was

  11. Андрей Якунин says:

    This information was Top Secret, its details have only now been found out! 154 Special Purpose detachment of the Secret Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, on the evening of December 27, together with 60 soldiers of the special groups of the KGB of the USSR "Grom" and "Zenit" participated in the storming of the Amin Palace.

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