Combat footage YPG 2017/2018 against ISIS Caveman Rob and hevals (comrades)

Our unit fighting Daesh(the local name for ISIS). This unit was about half locals(in this particular unit mostly Syrian Arabs, and some Kurds) and half Western volunteers, from the United States, the U.K., Italy, Basque country, France, Canada and Belarus, and more! This was all in the Euphrates Wrath operation where ISIS fought insanely hard here because it was their last bit of territory, and their families were there. They fought like cornered animals, it was intense. This footage from my latest tour with the YPG and SDF/QSD against Daesh in 2017/2018 and i also have a small amount of footage from 2015 Tel Abyad offensive in another video. Biji YPG
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NOTE: We were never in engagements with Syrian govt troops. In the video i said “not cool Assad” thinking they were firing on us, but it turned out to be isis sneaking between our lines. Funny tho that the local Arab fighters we were with asked me to call Assad. I was like who do you think i am, hell my cell doesnt even work here and i cant even call the president of McDonalds because i dont know any presidents haha.