(COMBAT FOOTAGE) Soldiers Engage Insurgents in Iraq

U.S. Soldiers from 1st Bat, 9th Inf. Reg engage in a firefight with insurgents in Al Anbar, Iraq on March 24th, 2007.

23 thoughts on “(COMBAT FOOTAGE) Soldiers Engage Insurgents in Iraq

  1. Tima games says:

    Последний видос 6 лет назад…

  2. Yashvardhan ojha says:

    I don't think so carrying such heavy load for urban warfare is justified.

  3. JacobCarsRcAndOutdoors says:

    Too bad I’m only six years late

  4. Ben Friday says:

    Back when the Army was bangin with the original digital ACU'S my respect to these brave soldiers. I feel like the colors used wasn't the best they could of picked I'm glad they switched to multicam

  5. Lizard Squad says:

    Just like MW run across the street starts getting shot at

  6. Pig Slayer says:

    I was in 1-9 inf in Ramadi for the second time first one was 503rd inf

  7. high land says:

    hope the enemy missed.

  8. Sturmpanzer says:

    We rolled into here with our M1's…Heat rounds straight into buildings….The grunts had a bad time in this shithole….

  9. Aws Sport says:

    Your crimes will not be forgiven

  10. Zach Waddill says:


  11. hyphenlife says:

    Do I see a couple MARPAT uniforms in there?

  12. BadCompany 2 says:

    0:19 Thats a loud ak47 or PKM whatever it is.

  13. E. M. Cioran says:

    I see a lot of these guys aiming their M-4s with the bottom of the stock on their shoulder. It looks sort of weird. Why do they aim like this? Thanks for any answers.

  14. reddevilparatrooper says:

    I remember this for the rest of my life.

  15. 逢坂アナ says:

    Very nice soldier godbless

  16. مهند العبيدي says:

    ههههههههههههههههههههههه الله اكبر
    yoe fak solgare amrica thes is iraq ….. thes is hooooot iraq هههههههههههه tofff amrica

  17. Look at all these worthless opinions.

  18. Алексей И says:

    Insurgents???!!! You are really don't know meaning of words.
    Lesson 1. They are just civilians of their Motherland.
    Lesson 2. Because you are invaders ruined their life.
    Resume: The video should be named "Fully-armed cowardly invaders engage poor civilians in Iraq" 

  19. Harry Larry says:

    You guys all fought for nothing. I hope none of your buddies were killed or wounded. Shame if they died in vain!

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