COMBAT FOOTAGE Soldiers attack Taliban positions during patrol

Soldiers from 3rd Platoon Apache Company and ANA forces conduct a Patrol following a tip about insurgent activities. They come into contact with insurgents and return fire. During the mission they also, seize and destroy drugs. Video shows soldiers engaging the enemy with small arms including 60mm mortar and M72 LAW.

41 thoughts on “COMBAT FOOTAGE Soldiers attack Taliban positions during patrol

  1. Bobby Wayne Weeks says:

    God bless our United States military God bless United States

  2. augustusmd says:

    the guy with the cam is a lover not a fighter.. he prefers shooting his buddies with his cum rather than shooting the talibans with his real gun.

  3. this isn't a fight; its target practice at a distance beyond the AR-15's stated range 300m…do you hear any AK-47 rounds?

  4. TalibAn getting smoked all over Afghanistan good work US soldiers

  5. PEPE TRUMP says:

    Love how everyone in the comments section thinks that they're military strategists.

  6. Virgilio D Campli says:

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 💪💪💪💪💪🍷🍷🍷🍕 😎 respect from Italy 🇮🇹

  7. Dead Prepper says:

    All bunched up like that, wide out in the open, the Taliban has the advantage of both cover and concealment being inside the village/compound, one well placed RPG, mortar, or 12.7mm round is really going fuck their day up and cause a mass cas. But what do I know, I'm just a keyboard commando.

  8. It's striking how different guns sound in real life compared to what we hear in the movies.

  9. Captain Khan says:

    The title has given wrong… NATTO can't dare to attack TALIBAN but TALIBAN can dare to attack them as it has proved by TALIBAN

  10. Gabriel Mondragon says:

    This is nothing. imagine what a fire battle with a compatible army would be like. Like Russia…..

  11. Von Skipppy says:

    Some excellent video coverage of the BACK of the wall, the GRASS, and the DIRT the videographer was hugging like his long lost aunt.

  12. Bling Bling says:

    I would assume that if you hear a crack over your head, the 7.62×39 and 7.62×54 are within their super sonic envelope. I would start with that as the furthest range. Just saying🤔. When I served as a grunt, we didn't bunch up that much, especially behind a terrain feature like a wall. Mind you the Ruskies had a lot more pin point firepower compared to an enemy that don't even wear glasses if needed🤓

  13. Justi Booth says:

    Amazing how the wars in Irag and Afghanistan were almost a combination of the Vietnam war and World War 2. From what I understand, similar to Vietnam, there didn't/doesn't seem to be any "front-lines" during these wars. Also similar to Vietnam is that the Taliban and ISIS employ guerrilla style tactics and blend in with the population. But on the other hand I see videos like this where soldiers are vetted against a determined enemy and are fighting in the open, similar to WW2. Also similar seem to be the tactics employed. The infantry are pinning down or "fixing" the enemy in place so the mortar team/ A-10/ big ass bomb, can finish them off. Of course I'm sure the Iraq/ Afghanistan wars have their own set of hardships I wouldn't know about because I'm a massive pussy and have never been in combat nor the military.

  14. USA nay pahlay Taliban ko Russia say laraya ab unsay khod larty hen

  15. TEMPLE of FLESH says:

    those ANA helmets will they deflect schrapnel or a glancing round or w it just pass right through?

  16. TEMPLE of FLESH says:

    there just cooking popcorn someone get the butter mmmmmmmmm

  17. Ernest Watson says:

    everyone knows the form by which I'm victorious,but no one knows the form by which I ensure victory.

  18. Phouvan Vihaphat says:

    el gordo Javier Calderón se disfrazado de raj 0utin

  19. Anselmo Alliegro says:

    Judging from the angle of the 60 millimeter mortar, the enemy can't be more than a hundred meters away. What are they shooting at?

  20. Jorge Delgado says:

    It's funny to read all these comments of idiots talking about combat when none of you probably have been in a firefight 😅😅😅😅😅

  21. chaudhary adnan says:

    u cant deafeat tailban u would be realized after some time

  22. Illuminaties Pizza says:

    I feel bad for the young kids straight out of highschool who are all hyped up and brainwashed into wanting to join the marines, until they realize that marines are the first sent into combat and that combat is not call of duty and they regret joining and would rather be at home in college eating pizza whenever they want.

  23. sana ullah says:

    40 country for +american army .. all of them are defeated by us pukhtoon nation fuck all of u leave afghanistan free we dont need ypu any more all ataliban belongs from this region. they are the young fighter of afganistan they want only afghani people in afganistan. who give right the american and russian rule on afghan

  24. Anselmo Alliegro says:

    So there is a lot of shooting. Where are the bad guys or their bodies?

  25. Nikita Harald Listov says:

    I bet they are only shooting at civilians after 1.30

  26. JOHN DENVER says:


  27. Syed Ali Turab says:

    fuck talban ..fuck isis son of bitches…coward motherfuckers…very happy to see how our troops r sending them to hell …

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