COMBAT FOOTAGE: Soldiers Ambushed In Kunar Provence

U.S. Army Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division, get Ambushed by Insurgents in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

34 thoughts on “COMBAT FOOTAGE: Soldiers Ambushed In Kunar Provence

  1. Mad props for the camjo for keeping his cool and seeing the strategy side of things. Being a photojournalist myself who's documented affairs like the HK 2019 protests, I know how important it is to see movement and firing direction of troops to keep yourself and those you're embedded with safe. God bless

  2. Phil Hall says:

    Seems the return trip most dangerous

  3. QC Sapper says:

    As. Vet my heart and prayerswent out to all my Military brothers and sisters over ther

  4. Max Terry says:

    That camera man needs to stfu and stop barking orders at the men who know what they are doing. That’s not your job you didn’t eat that right, so shit up and film, if you’re too scared then don’t put yourself in that situation.

  5. Imu Lippo says:

    Fuck the troops, fighting banksters wars at the other side of the planet claiming it defends people in USA

  6. Just so you know those are airborne they are supposed to be surrounded they operate better when surrounded

  7. Forever United says:

    For all those commenting on this unit and soldiers reaction and movement, most of you have no idea the conditions and environment these men face. Yes, you hear and see the cameraman filming but that doesn't mean he's in charge or is giving you the complete picture of what's happening. He may be talking to some E1-E4s and maybe a new corporal or two to move, but not to a real leader in this unit. Air support doesn't magically show up without being called, you don't know what element is lead or engaging the enemy or what else is going on. From my 23 years of infantry experience, anyone embedded in my unit was assigned to whoever was in the rear for their safety, so this camera view probably does not reflect everything going on. And after watching this video after chow, I would be telling this cameraman to shut the f&^k up and film or his ass would be in the rear on our next mission.

  8. Lunatic4Bizcas says:

    That is hell a rough terrain to run across let alone being fired at and surrounded on all flanks. I can't even imagine what that kind of stress must be like.

  9. Can someone tell me why they are walking in a valley instead fo walking on top of one of the two hills??

  10. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    sounds like paintball

  11. Samuel Jimenez says:

    Nothing more annoying than an untrained cameraman calling shots.

  12. We should all be thanking our boys out there in harm's way!

  13. Miguel Malabet says:

    You could hear the weapons but you couldn't see the enemy.

  14. Miguel Malabet says:

    The Enemies were shooting from a long distance I would imagine what that would feel.

  15. Desale Berhane says:

    Human stupidity killing each other for the temporary life.

  16. just another avocado says:

    look don't get me wrong, i'm super appreciative of troops risking their lives for me, ily guys… but goddamn that cameraman was a badass

  17. Dual Perception says:

    70% of comments: camara guy is dope
    30% of comments: stop making fun of the military their job is harder than what you think.
    0% of comments: people making fun of military.

  18. Veteranboi says:

    Those talibans using the obi-wan tactic

  19. Henry Bollinger says:

    Real talk, can anyone here whos been in the marines recently tell me if its still worth it to enlist? I want to enlist following trumps win in november, but Im extremely concerned with the direction theyre heading in what with the new coed training facility and lefty stuff im hearing people talk about.

  20. Reload lt says:

    always get in strange places while on youtube… i started by watching how to properly cut glass for f sake.. Anyway this is just sad in every way.. Bunch of brainwashed people actually believing in war and that they are protecting theyr country, doing good and so on.. fighting so called "terrorists" while the truth is simple .. More money, power, recourses for a "few" who actually in control and gains something out of it.. just sad. NO DISRESPECT or anything to you soldiers, other side fighters or anyone that's in this for that matter.. it's not your fault.. but when you see/understand the bigger picture.. seeing this just feels wrong and sad. But it's your lifes.. good luck to you all.

  21. N Petersen says:

    Thank you for doing what you do. That video had my balls shrunken up.

  22. Connor French says:

    why’s the camera guy running this shit lol


    i just want to know why people disliked this

  24. Nick Williams says:

    Tali are awful shots, didn't look like a single round hit near these Gi's, looks like a staged exercise???

  25. Ethan Carlson says:

    Can I just say thank you for your service

  26. And this was under Obama’s administration

  27. IVibratorz says:

    This should be called "Veteran camera man carrys team with no primary"

  28. Florifes Ruelos says:

    OMG!! I just can't imagine how crazy it is!! I find myself too much crazy,scary of watching u guys!! I believed ur the best fighter in the world.. love u all guys US ARMY SOLDIERS,🥰

  29. Rick Gould says:

    Lazy people stay on the low ground because its easier. Lazy people get ambushed.

  30. Ailyn Seblero says:

    Salute this soldier soo hard work soo scared

  31. J Williams says:

    Does no one carry a sniper rifle

  32. EastTexasSplendor says:

    They should have read Ghost Platoon. Those guys have JDAM-like mortars and quadcopters and kill the enemy within one minute. Badass!

  33. dave hensel says:

    Camera guy squad leader, da fuk?

  34. Matthew Ewing says:

    My only question is who in the fuck sent these soldiers into a valley, surrounded by mountains that the enemy knows like the back of their hand, in one of the deadliest provinces in Afghanistan? That’s suicide. It’s a turkey shoot.

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