Combat Footage – Lost Files of the Iraq War – 2004?

Thank you for Service! Jesus bless you!

Do you recognize anyone? Please contact us! I have had a USB flash drive for many years & never looked to see what’s on it, until now.

7 thoughts on “Combat Footage – Lost Files of the Iraq War – 2004?

  1. I was with 1 st Bn 8th Marines during the raid on hit in 2004

  2. Dave Wilson says:

    Shouldn't been there in the first place, lives lost, money, and contracts for rich companies and individuals while these guys fight the Front lines sad……

  3. Joseph Herring says:

    I was in the town of hit just up the road while this was happening. Probably some guys from 1/3 or 3/1. It is possible it is 1/23 A company.

  4. Fidjet702 SinCity says:


  5. Ty johnston says:

    I was there during 2003-2006 so I hope you find the names of these guys. Good luck!

  6. 0:30 those are not hellfire missiles, they are rockets fired from a rocket pod.

  7. Cuddlesfor Drugs says:


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