Combat Footage From LZ X-Ray. Battle of Ia Drang – Nov 1965

No Audio. Real combat cameraman footage from the battle at LZ X-Ray

7 thoughts on “Combat Footage From LZ X-Ray. Battle of Ia Drang – Nov 1965

  1. Jon Jukes says:

    Where is the fighting?

  2. Wow. Didn't realize they had the M-16's that early.

  3. Dave Matthews says:

    How come I didn't hear any sound on this video

  4. Scotty Scott says:

    I'm looking for anyone who may have known my brother he was killed in Vietnam Nov 17th 1965 in LA DRANG valley, his name was PFC EUGENE CHARLES SCOTT, if anyone knew him & could tell me anything about him please contact me at Scottyscott 1720@gmail.
    I hadn't seen him for about 4 yrs before he was killed , sure would like to know what kind of solider he was

  5. Duncan Harrington says:

    Did the cave go back to the la stang valley fight other battle

  6. BonesTheCat says:

    This has to be late that Sunday of the main battle with the choppers and supplies while they're walking around and loading. Also the ammo dumps. The troops you see were left there to pull security on that ammo before it was destroyed or lifted. They were slaughtered on the way to LZ Albany 2.5 miles away two days later. Thanks for sharing.

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