Combat footage compilation 2

Combat footage from Afghanistan, Gaza, Mali, Mexico, Syria, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

26 thoughts on “Combat footage compilation 2

  1. amigo mac says:

    2:41 I think the man closest to the camera is a very big fan of the A TEAM, or he is a alcoholic that needs a drink, ether way he cant shoot for shit and he is a danger to his own men. id be shitting myself if he was watching my back, in case he shot me in the back. he must of been trained by the Afghanistan police or army by the look of his marksmanship.

  2. Emily Adams says:

    Welp its on YouTube this can't be like a …..drill or anything no way

  3. jacob carolan says:

    The ak47 probably is viewed as an inaccurate gun because the people that use them don’t use the sights at all. They are lucky if their bullets are landing within 200 yards of the enemy at that distance. Their ammunition to kill ratio must be expensive

  4. silverstacks says:

    Starting at 0:50 that’s not the French army, It’s the foreign legion. Legionaries have a reputation for being hard core soldiers.

  5. Some of these dudes are getting cover and concealment reversed. Pewpew

  6. Jeremiah Hutson says:

    has any of these guys been to a range or a rifle shooting class? lol, this is comical!

  7. Commissar Marshmallow says:

    2:42 Look at this shit. First class retardation. Call of Duty at it's finest.

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