Combat footage: British Marines Ambushed on Afghanistan

British Marines ambushed in Sangin Valley – Helmand province also known as Death Valley. For more combat videos visit my channel, subscribers are appreciated.

48 thoughts on “Combat footage: British Marines Ambushed on Afghanistan

  1. Tickle that ma deuce and throw dem metal milk bottles at em..

  2. Shifty Broccoli says:

    I hate his pessimistic and fearful commentary.
    Grow some balls reporter.
    Amazing work from the lads.

  3. TheHypernaught says:

    Apache air support?

  4. Raquel Brennan says:

    Paul James where your beret property

  5. Saif Malik says:

    0:37 or maybe he supports neither and wants to be left the fuck alone, ever thought about that?

    Bring the troops home

  6. my dad fought in afghanistan 5 times and iraq 1 lucky he is still alive. god bless the men fought in that war and all the others.

  7. Respect for The Royal Marines

  8. Callum Farrell says:

    Red white and blue smoke grenades


  9. Mark Cannon says:

    How cool was that red white and blue smoke grenades awesome

  10. Out There Nth Wst. IE. says:

    God Bless The Royal Marines, Respect from Ireland…..

  11. Adolf Galand says:

    Fake fire fight but footage will help compo claims for ptsd. Go army.

  12. John ProHunter says:

    How do you call people in their own countries insurgents??
    What is that??

  13. เอ็นดูเขา เอ็นเราแข็งงง says:


  14. colin crisp says:

    Wars a racket These solders are there because they are getting paid What does that make them

  15. Intuitive Observer says:

    Every video and/or tv documentary that I've seen on the war in Astan the military tactics just seem so rediculous.

  16. Just running away back to their compound, really..

  17. housemartin555 says:

    Get our troops out, WHAT ARE THEY DOING? DYING, year after year.

  18. milos obilic says:

    terorists ambushed by citizens

  19. Edin Selman says:

    Can somebody please explain why the British are in Afghanistan ?

  20. Makhmal Khan says:

    پختون قوم کیساتھ مت چھیڑ آب و ہوا چھوڑ

  21. English officers sound like real twats…British tommy is tuff as nails but led by stuffy nosed twerps

  22. Dorset Dumpling says:

    Soo many experts out here…perhaps they should make use of their extensive combat experience by actually signing up instead of fighting their battles in bedrooms and basements.

  23. Arsene Who? says:

    That shit hole isn't worth the life of one British soldier, let alone the hundreds that paid the ultimate price for it and those backwoods wankers who live there.

  24. much respect for you ROYAL MARINES,SEMPER FI!

  25. Avez Sheikh says:

    Haha love these Afghan warriors

  26. Fayaz Ahmed says:

    History is meant to learn lessons, the British fought three Anglo Afghan wars in first one only one major alive returned back to British India it was a big defeat in the history of British army at that time, a nation who has nothing to lose can not be defeated. Afghanistan is a so poor country see in the footages they have no infrastructure they are living in muddy houses in this modern age. By attacking weak nations you might think that you are saving your countries is wrong concept now all world knows that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Libya just for Oil you attack these countries and not a single Afghan was involved in 9-11 drama, but yes they are invading your countries as immigrants the have better weapon then you which you haven't that is education.

  27. richardb154 says:

    There are no Taliban around here. Thus spake Lt Col Ali Murderudinn of the 2nd Taliban Sniper Battalion.

  28. Thats why they should always have a sniper or at least carry ling range sciped rifle a 50 cal could hit em a mile and a half away

  29. Simple answer to that my friend is don't fuck with the british.:)

  30. Janice Mills says:

    Eventually, Western forces will leave that Wasteland.
    And the inhabitants can go back to trading heroine, goats and little girls.
    Until they provide safe haven for the next international mass murderer.
    I'm sure they will be invaded again… by another country seeking revenge for attacks in the west.
    Alas we must now watch inside our own borders for home grown jihadi.

  31. Marco san martin says:

    Fuck off! Fucking imperialist asasin!!!

  32. Columba Iona says:

    Bit crazy 2B out in the open in broad daylight with a uncovered compound & treeline on your Flank. They had a Lucky escape IMO.

  33. Michael Page says:


  34. One World says:

    Not to sound ungrateful for the rare and interesting material here, but, presuming the original footage was genuinely *HD, is the degradation of image quality such as that in this video due to:

    1.) heavy compression by uploader with smallest possible file size the objective (for rapid transmission and/or minimal storage space on YT servers)?
    2. ) a 3rd party's (i.e; YouTube) compression processing imposed to minimize bandwidth requirements for online viewing, storage size, etc.? This being beyond the control of the publisher……

    Not a criticism here….. it's actually more of a pleasant surprise when decent to great resolution videos appear. It could well be this is the original footage, a straight camera dump from a modest res camera…… but there's megatons of videos that are of curiously low image quality, like a VHS copy of a VHS copy of…… I've even seen video that was sketchy quality to begin with, then copied by an uploader pointing his phone in record mode pointed at the playback of the original footage on another phone. The smoking gun was the lens flare and washed-out quality in blazing sunshine….. the original video from India/Pakistan region and the channel host of Slavic heritage, swearing it's his original footage.

    Of course in such footage as this, the detail can never be high enough. The worst culprits are videos from military aircraft showing the effects of cannon fire and missile deliveries…… the rationale for the extremely pixelated uploaded video being "the original quality is magnitudes better….. we don't want to reveal exactly how much detail we can acquire…". Wouldn't it be sensible to release much better quality imagery to give the potential threats an idea of what they may as well forget trying….. bank robbery frames showing who they'll be pursuing….. "if you see a gray blob with two dark spots for eyes, call your local poh-leece…."

    *"HD" has gone the way of the tag "Pro" on virtually every software package on the planet….. I won't be surprised if "Pro" shows up on such products as produce…… Celery Pro, Russet Potatoes Pro…. followed by Celery HD Pro and Russet Potatoes HD Pro……. how many late-90s flip-phone videos at 240 x 100 resolution are scaled up to HD dimensions and tagged "HD"? Not uncommon…..

  35. Sailor Jerry Swallow says:

    great soldiers,,respects

  36. Sakina Tanimu says:

    You are aggressors and don't deserve sympathy.

  37. Anud Sing says:

    2:09 dogs start running from battle field..
    Pooping in his pant.

  38. Anud Sing says:

    Taliban won the match..

  39. William Baynes says:

    Lt Col Paul James. Sounds like a right Mummy's boy to me! No wonder they lost 10 good guys recently with him in charge! Just listen to the garbage coming out of his mouth! Before I even saw or heard him I thought it a stupid idea for those men to be on foot walking albeit in single file on open flat ground with no cover! No doubt the Lt Col was at the back if there at all! If that's the way the British Army works with this pillock in charge no wonder we have so many dead and guys with one leg! Okay the ITN reporter has balls to follow and report he needs big balls to follow Paul James!

  40. John Hewitt says:

    Thats sniper paradise. Just sit out in the open. ???

  41. John Booth says:

    god luv the royals ffs

  42. TheMTB Trailcook says:

    bullshit ""thats a 50 cal ""it was the usa gung ho troops friendly fire on your army ""check the stats of UN/us troops killed by their own guns could not organize a fucking tipperware party .

  43. Is the Officer a Robot?

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