[COMBAT FOOTAGE] 3/1 Marines clearing insurgent bodies

Men of 1st Platoon, India Company, 3/1st Marines clear bodies of insurgents out of a Mosque in Fallujah. After taking fire from the Mosque an M1 Abrams hit the building with its main gun, then a squad of Marines cleared out the building to ensure everyone got some. –

-Upon entering another section of the Mosque, 2 Marines saw 9 insurgents with weapons. Immediately then-LCpl Willam Wold engaged them, killing 6 while the other Marine killed 3. –

-This is the aftermath of that very close encounter. An interview is then conducted with William Wold. On November 10th, 2006. William Christopher Wold would die from a prescription drug overdose. He was 23 years old. –

-Filmed November 12th, 2004. India Co, 3/1st Marines. Fallujah, Iraq. Operation Phantom Fury.