[COMBAT FOOTAGE] 3/1 Marines clearing insurgent bodies

Men of 1st Platoon, India Company, 3/1st Marines clear bodies of insurgents out of a Mosque in Fallujah. After taking fire from the Mosque an M1 Abrams hit the building with its main gun, then a squad of Marines cleared out the building to ensure everyone got some. –

-Upon entering another section of the Mosque, 2 Marines saw 9 insurgents with weapons. Immediately then-LCpl Willam Wold engaged them, killing 6 while the other Marine killed 3. –

-This is the aftermath of that very close encounter. An interview is then conducted with William Wold. On November 10th, 2006. William Christopher Wold would die from a prescription drug overdose. He was 23 years old. –

-Filmed November 12th, 2004. India Co, 3/1st Marines. Fallujah, Iraq. Operation Phantom Fury.

18 thoughts on “[COMBAT FOOTAGE] 3/1 Marines clearing insurgent bodies

  1. Mitch Blackmore says:

    I'm confused by the lack of blood. With all those bodies, I would have expected half the floor to be painted red.

  2. U Mad or?? ? says:

    This made my day get some marines🇺🇸🇺🇸 stay safe and semper fi 🇺🇸🇺🇸👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽💯💯💯💯

  3. سجاد سليم says:

    فلوجه ابطال

  4. سجاد سليم says:

    قتلو. ناس البريا تبن لكم

  5. سجاد سليم says:

    تبن. لكم. جيش المريكي

  6. سجاد سليم says:

    قتلو ناس

  7. james kennedy says:

    As a U.S. MARINE. Don't hide in a Mosque. We will still get you.

  8. The_Dank_Side says:

    I don't want to say I miss war and the realities of violence, but I feel oddly out of place and like a tool with no purpose after transitioning back to civilian life. Don't wanna be a police officer or private security, don't want to ride a desk or punch buttons all day either. Hopefully with more time I'll find something that makes me feel normal, where I actually contribute and can put my skills to work instead of feeling like I've outlived my usefulness.

  9. South Boston says:

    He Got six bodies in 30 seconds! Nice!!!

  10. Antonie Davidson says:

    These are normal people!

  11. Antonie Davidson says:

    Where are the weapons !..

  12. Those guns look like the guns the Canadians use.

  13. Jay Bales says:

    OOHRAH, WTG Marines, SemperFi.

  14. Mrdarthkermit says:

    thanks for your service seriously

  15. Don't tell people your name.

  16. Pablo Mena says:

    Good job boys
    PD: nice vid due

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