Colombian Helo Pilot Shot And Medically Treated While In Flight

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A video from the Colombian military shows a helicopter crew exchanging fire with FARC or ELN insurgents on the ground.

A rebel gunmen manages to strike one of the Colombian helo pilots in the arm. The crew responds rapidly by extracting the pilot from his seat and beginning first aid. He is quickly stabilized and the aircraft and crew make an otherwise safe return to base.

There have been predictions that armed conflict in Colombia could rekindle as FARC guerrillas who were supposed to be reintegrated into society, may no want a new agreement. Additionally, the National Liberation Army (ELN) claimed it would not suspend kidnappings or attacks.

45 thoughts on “Colombian Helo Pilot Shot And Medically Treated While In Flight

  1. Andrew B. says:

    Great job keeping your shit together when your brothers needed you the most!! Everyone of you, it seemed, stayed in his lane and did his job to the best of his ability. Much easier said then done.

  2. Adolfo P. says:

    Grandes Héroes heridos por malditas lacras inservibles. Gracias por combatir a estos infames narcos

  3. I couldn't keep a sled going downhill if I were shot. This is incredible.

  4. I bet he's so bummed out shot in the arm arms and legs are everything to a helicopter pilot I bet he rather wishes he took it in the chest at least he has body armor there. Hope he's able to fly again.

  5. Best pilots around. This is a Special Forces Air assault unit. During my time in the air assault division they came into some hot landing zones. Taking heavy fire the pilots would come get us no matter what. Even SA-7 Strela and heavy anti-aircraft and RPG fire. Surprised to see footage since it is largely unknown outside of here. Also they would set up landing zones with massive IED's to take out our helicopters coming into LZ's I put some links below of SA-7 Strela footage and our LZ's with IED's. this was IED attack. We lost alot of good men that day. We found the terror cell operating with Hezbollah operatives from Venezuela

  6. This is why there's no better military force in Latin America than the colombians, those guys have the training and experience.

  7. Mauricio Vergara says:

    Nuestros soldados se juegan la Vida todos los dias por nuestra nación..Gracias fuerzas Armadas de Colombia!

  8. Kongkead Suksakorn says:

    Golf​UlTras​Thai​land​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​Go​ Go​ Go​ Go​

  9. Seamus Ryan says:

    So what happened too the pilot after , is he still flying and is he still in the Columbian army .hope he is ok ..

  10. Damian Johnson says:

    Come fly in Australia 🇦🇺 the most action you’ll see is on YouTube

  11. Bet the insurgent that hit him was VAC Banned for aimbotting. All jokes aside, dude’s a badass piloting the helicopter while hurt.

  12. A Student Pilot Life says:

    My grandfather was Huey Medic helicopter pilot during the Vietnam war and I remember he telling me that during one of his mission, his copilot got shot while on the way to LZ. He also told me that he have to focus on flying and let the medic do the work but it was risky because if my grandpa get shot too, them mean there might be no one there to fly the heli.

  13. D. Cypher says:

    Damn. Here i thought the civil war was over in Colombia.
    that's a real shame. Peace is long overdue there.
    Respect from ☀️😎☀️🇺🇸

  14. Doc Dolittle says:

    Bro was treating a pilot in a cockpit, that’s solid! 💯

  15. Great and honorable men that can’t be bribed and accepts almost to nothing in pay, to fight evil and wrong doings! Unsung hero’s

  16. Donald Nolan says:

    To those saying co pilot was hit. In helicopters it is the opposite of airplanes. In a helo the pilot sits on the right and co pilot on left. Why I really don't know.

  17. Mad respect for this guys, it must be stressful to be in that condition dude i mean you're in a helicopter, your pilot just got shot, in order to help him you need to communicate well, and in the heli without wearing the headset you can barely hear your own voice so its hard to communicate.

  18. Angry Fish says:

    When you finally get that sniper shot at that pilot in bad company and the gunner just presses f1, gets into the pilot seat and flies away

  19. Bill Yost says:

    Medics onboard helos rock, especially when you are the pilot and get shot. Thank God for medics!!!!

  20. chitalo ans says:

    They army of Colombia is a Big cartel they cocaína.and other cartel is a police. They people es very danger.

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