Cologne 1945: Combat footage or not?

Excerpt from: March 1945 Duel at the Cathedral. On DVD and VoD (HD): The fascinating research on one of the most famous pieces of newsreel film taken during worldwar II. Watch the full HD 2015 english language edition now on Vimeo-VoD: , also available now on DVD for the first time in the US.

Do the images of this excerpt show authentic scenes of combat or are they possibly reenacted? We appreciate your comments.

Film footage of the advance of the American ground troops toward the towers of the cathedral. For decades, they have shaped our image of the liberation of Cologne on the left side of the Rhine. But if one looks into the history behind the film images and photographs and researches for eyewitnesses and reports, one obtains results that scarcely seem possible and there seem to be as many different versions of the sequence of events as there are eyewitnesses. In addition to the 140 minutes main feature the documentary series provides a 30 minutes extra on the question if filmscenes of the world famous picture tacking in the shadow of the Cathedral could be staged for the cameras.

The whole series with a total length of more than 3 hours is available as Video on Demand (VoD):

Now available as VoD on
part 1: the attack on Cologne (80min.)
part 2: battle for Cathedral & Rhine (60min.)
extra1: Cologne tank duel: the factual pictures (30min.)
extra2: battle of the peace – 100 days of U.S. military government in Cologne (18min.)