Cockpit Audio SAM Shootdown of RF-4C, Callsign Dodge 1

(Audio only) Cockpit recording from RF-4C Phantom (callsign Dodge 1 NOT Fox as indicated in subtitles) during Vietnam War recon flight. Wingman (Dodge 2) is shot down by SA-2 Guideline missile. Capt Roger Ernest Behnfeldt was Dodge 2A (Pilot) and Captain Tamotsu Shingaki was Dodge 2B (WSO). RF-4C Phantom tail #69-0355 went down approx 8 mi. NE of Bac Giang NVN during “Vietnam Ceasefire” ops while serving with the 14th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron of the 432nd TFW based at Udorn RTFAFB, Thailand. Captain Shingaki was captured by the NVA but was released in March 29th, 1973. Capt Behnfeldt was declared MIA for 15 years until his remains were recovered in 1987.