Close Quarters Combat GRAPHIC Chechen HD GoPro Syrian Combat Footage

The close quarters combat elbow strike works best for close quarter self defense. But here’s how to make your elbow strike even more powerful and devastating in a real street fight.
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21 thoughts on “Close Quarters Combat GRAPHIC Chechen HD GoPro Syrian Combat Footage

  1. isaiah baughman says:

    Their fighting style is so sloppy, can even shoot a rifle correctly. This is why the US is the best

  2. Probably Iraqi SF! They're the only ones that had the balls to go toe to toe with ISiS, or Kurds.

  3. Patrick Bateman says:

    Mccain , Hussein and Brennan's Junior Varsity team in action

  4. Henry Hunter says:

    who are they fighting for exactly

  5. angry zergling says:

    Them motherfuckers and their 2016 Toyotas in 2015. They got those things months before they were being sold.

  6. Paidi O'Tailliuir says:

    They should really stop shouting "I love a snack bar" every time after they shoot. They're giving away their friends and their own positions.

  7. sug madik says:

    Allauh snakbar can mean Mohamed you've burnt the vindaloo to fuck that's a team of navy seals that will bum rape us with a 9 mill round point blank

  8. khang milton says:

    Does anyone know what squad update is this?

  9. Pablo García says:

    Actual combat is so not like in the movies! For one, you never seem to see the other guy. You just spray in his general direction and pray you hit them somehow…

  10. Charlie Ramirez Skateboarding says:

    Those RPGs must be so fucking loud

  11. Just think how many of these senseless wars wouldn’t have happened if Islam did not exist

  12. North End Productions says:

    This video made my ears ring even at normal volume..

  13. LEATHERFACE711 says:

    Ok RPG Jimmy was just letting them go wasn't he

  14. When I hear their nauseating shouts of "allahu akbar" I keep hoping a hellfire missile is about to land on their heads.

  15. Eric Bussman says:

    Close quarters?? I don't think so. Fucking ridiculous

  16. Golden 47 says:

    Fuck Isis created by the USA

  17. Mike Nichols says:

    Amazing what you'll do when floating on speed.

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