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Australian Commando Regiment 2 CDO raid a Taliban compound and engage the enemy 3 meters away.

This footage is to be taken as a documentary on the events of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence.


  1. Something Intheway says:

    Filmed in 72p

  2. Chadius Maximus says:

    Aussie SF are some ruthless MFers. Exactly what you want your military to be.

  3. Wes Sanders says:

    Good Job Australia!

  4. The guy with the camera swept his mate ten times too many with his barrel. Someone needs a broken nose to cure that. Holy hell.

  5. "Aaahhh my ears" lol gets me every time I have had buddies who thought it was funny to shoot 308s and 5.56 right next to my head with the muzzle now im hard of hearing haha good times

  6. Brian Ombeba says:

    Uppa straya🇦🇺

  7. c431inf 11b says:

    I tried that stage already

  8. That guy hopefully was wearing earpro.
    That guy shooting directly next to his ear could not have been good for his hearing

  9. I overslept 5 more minutes. says:

    Damn these guys have such a quiet keyboard battlefield got realistic

  10. Ed Ropper says:

    I coulda swore I heard Max somewhere's around theres

  11. I don’t know if it’s just the camera angle but it really looks like he was just pointing his rifle at his buddies head, I get it’s a very stressful situation so I guess I can understand why there wasn’t very good muzzle discipline here.

  12. Matthew Wagner says:

    Stop playing with the guy and kill him.
    Are that thinking he's gonna come running out.? Looked to me they couldn't get him and even at the end of the video the taliban fighter was still holding the position and returning fire out that door putting them in danger from a grenade tossed out that door.
    Thinking They probly had to air strike that building to get him.
    Thinking a white phosphorus Grenade or a rocket would have brought that position down. Almost like they were trying to get him to come out or get that perfect shot.
    Those Forgien fighters were realy lucky that there wasn't more taliban in that area, Waiting….

  13. Dan Mystro says:

    The Kangaroos are shooting back.

  14. Einezweioctopi says:

    I did a small job with these guys once. They were great guys, with excellent taste in humor and beer.

  15. Cody Comer says:

    taliban peaks around the corner and nearly gets his head taken off Aussie ahh he is definitely going to coward in that room now Taliban peeks again Aussie am i joke to you?

  16. Cody Comer says:

    casually hops off the chopper into a killzone i love Australians

  17. Zer0cool NINJA88 says:

    Here in 2020 and now life is wack

  18. Timothy Underwood says:

    Aussie Pride!!!! You u mighty 🦘

  19. Desert Lizard says:

    Talk about a hot LZ

  20. Daniel Dinklberg says:


  21. VonSchpam says:

    Next Wave: 58 seconds
    Your Team is Capturing Zone A!
    **Dingo ate a terrorist
    **Dingo ate a terrorist
    You Team has captured Zone A!
    **The Taliban have disconnected.

  22. Australia like that one friend who always is always down for everything

  23. no-more-war-4-ZIONISTS says:

    ROE, got to love the Yanks! They would have just thrown in a WP! Why endanger men in the funnel door killing zone! ROE the bane of all squaddies lives!

  24. no-more-war-4-ZIONISTS says:

    ANZACs still doing it! Erwin Romel said “give me a brigade of Ozzie’s and I’ll take hell, a brigade of New Zealander’s and I’ll hold it”. No greater praise from the desert FOX!

  25. louietia fraser says:

    Good job time to come home

  26. ben senia says:

    ausis suckss .. dumb amateurs

  27. Jonathan Becker says:

    At 1:29 does anyone know what that attachment is on the right side of the operator's M-4? It almost looks like the part of a shotgun where the action is.

  28. Brandon Lee says:

    Now we know they execute villagers and shoot pet dogs for fun.

  29. What sight is this gun using?

  30. Josh of all trades Gendron says:

    Mussle awareness ….?

  31. Trelleborg says:

    Good job, butt don't Flag your buddy so much.

  32. Joe Tribindad says:

    Exposure to security.. revealing ppart of the system

  33. Jesus Christ says:

    When deployed the aussies are the guys you should surround yourself with just because you will never be disappointed in the stories they come out with! Oh and pretty fuckin fearless to, respect to you guys from a UK brother x

  34. Ozzy, ozzy, ozzy! Oi, oi, oi!
    Ozzy! Oi! Ozzy! Oi! Ozzy! Oi!
    Ozzy, ozzy, ozzy! Oi, oi oi!
    Nope, the Aussie chant hasn't worn out for this American yet lol I actually prefer it over ours, but still, respect and love from the USA, USA, USA!😂

  35. Sprat Boyce says:

    Argh mate my ear! Yup thats aussies

  36. Defcon 13 Gaming says:

    Dude strafes his buddy at least 8 times in this video… Was expecting more from Aussies

  37. andrew Stevens says:

    They must not teach muzzle awareness where this dude is from.

  38. parrish mellott says:

    video quality is horrible not even worth watching

  39. music vids says:

    Close combat my ass..these military videos never show any thing cool idk why I click on these stupid things

  40. Stephen Fewson says:

    Up the Aussies!!
    Sickem boys…..🇦🇺

  41. LeͥgeͣnͫdTM says:

    Who still watch this 🙂

  42. Davey Bernard says:

    Going to war with out Bren Guns is reckless, mates.

  43. There is another way in there. It's called an AT-4.

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