Clash King George Battleship versus Bismarck

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these songs
First song is Tae Guk Gi from tae guk gi opening movie.
Second song is “Molossus from the Dark Knight Album”
Third one is [ Lacrismosa – Immediate ]
Fourth is “Escape” by Craig Armstrong. ( Remix version)
Fifth is from the movie Das Boot, I forget the name, but it was composed by Klaus Doldinger.

SH3 running with GWX 2.1 + Bismarck & Admiral hipper + Bismarck correction+16 atmosphere environment.

This is only a virtual fight, so no need to to say “this is so unrealist”. Of course , unrealism, it’s a game after all.

Engaging approximately at 16km. Plunge fire is similar to a “bypass” it kills NPC roster very easily.
So this is the reason why, KGV got shot with few shots.
But on the other hands, KGV have jammed one of my 15 inch guns, and as a result the gun dissapear.
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