Chronicles of Elyria – Combat Footage from PAX East

The people at Soulbound Studios booth have been holding tournaments at their booth to show off the combat system in Chronicles of Elyria. Here are some highlights of the event

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32 thoughts on “Chronicles of Elyria – Combat Footage from PAX East

  1. is this game third person only? cuz it would kind of suck to not have a first person mode.

  2. Wrathwine says:

    combat look so trash

  3. Andrew Kasson says:

    So far I am impressed with the demonstrated gameplay. I like the real life pace of the players movements and the combat seems to be on the right track. The jousting looked very fun and realistic. The overall idea of this game should create so much content and purpose amongst the characters in the community. I feel we need more multiplayer games like this, Keep up the good work.

  4. Sc4ndal0uS says:

    This looks terrible. I realise that they are going for realism but at least they could give players swords not this chopsticks. I know what you gonna say : "It's pre alpha, it's not developed yet. " The thing is this is base for their combat. And I don't like it one bit. Probably only bad thing about the game.

  5. IamMrEd 2012 says:

    Imagine if they had a chivalry medieval warfare style of combat. That'd kickass.

  6. James Ryan says:

    Unimmersive and anti climactic. Looks like sword waving hitting thin air..?

  7. Robert Stitt says:

    So, this game is based on no magic, right?

  8. Benevolence_DK says:

    This has potential, but only if you remove that shuffle. keep in-combat movement the same as out-of-combat movement.

    If you don't group combat will not be skill-based. Tell me how you can 1v2 if one guy is just pegging you with arrows as you shuffle trying to block the other one.

  9. SnakeWarlord says:

    The right pc looks op, it always wins lol

  10. Dat Luigi costume doe

  11. Stayler17 says:

    Thank the gods it's action combat!

  12. ShadowDurza says:

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I like it. The character is always moving, unlike in some MMOs. Kind of reminds me of Legend of Zelda in a way.

  13. looks like a fencing tournament and not medieval knights combat.

  14. MrLuchenkov says:


    Release date is December 2017. Not 2016. This is pre-production, pre-alpha footage.

    That said, they want combat to be realistic. To feel real. Think closer to Mount & Blade than the flashy MMO shit you see nowadays. Think skill-based, rather than AoE (press 3 to activate fireball) type of stuff. Parrying, blocking and attacking is done manually.

  15. Andrew Kasson says:

    The gamepay seems legit. i would like to see a higher blood resolution with less spray and more dripping. Also the rock colors seem very off but this is impressive sword mechanics. Nice job!

  16. DrSeckzytime says:

    I wouldn't have shown this off because it looks terrible, so bad I dismissed this game entirely.

  17. Ricardo Rolho says:

    I have to admit im a bit hyped with this game, but the combat is bad !….I understand this is just a Pre-production demo and they hired an animator only some months ago but they will have to do MUCH better and probably totally change their 1st idea of combat system.

    I really dont understand how all these new MMORPG's are bringing all this new(old school) amazing ideas to their games (Pantheon online, Shards online, shroud of avatar, Pathfinder, etc…) and keep neglecting combat system for todays standards. Theres so many good examples at the market to look at for action combat.

    I also think they are promissing features that im not quite sure if they will be able to deliver (i hope they can), with their budged and Dev team size im not quite sure if they be able to acomplish all they promisses.

    Dont get me wrong, i want this game (like some others) so succed, im tired of todays MMO's…. actually im not playing anything for the last couple of year because they all look the same (Even sandbox games) I want to find a good old school MMO where i can invite my irl friends to play with (something that dont happen for some time duo the lack of good MMO's). Hope Chronicles of Elyria will help with that.

  18. I think people dont understand what pre alpha means. This means its not even in Alpha. this is before it where things will be extremely glitchy, buggy and probably not so great. Graphics will be bad and combat my not be the Dark Souls 3. From what i can see, this seems like a great pre alpha game. Sure, its basic but since when is basic bad? I have high hopes for this game and i think it will do well, it just needs more support and fundings for them to be able to keep developing the game!

    Id say smite is a very good example here. look it up on youtube, it was terrible when it came out, graphics were awful and it looked very cheap. Its on season 3 now and the game is doing great. It looks great and the gameplay is great.

  19. Brox Prox says:

    these games suffer from the problem how do you stop people that run away, like life is fuedal

  20. chrystianek says:

    listen guys
    go take a look at black desert online
    get a combat like that
    just without the vicious cash grabs and p2w mechanics ,no korean style grinding or rng upgrade system and you have a customer in me

  21. I think they jumped the gun big time by showing this combat, they should really avoid showing off anything that isn't impressive or people will turn away.

  22. Redsnake QC says:

    doesnt look great gonna wait more gamplay footage! pvp fencing combat look like a big fail!

  23. 8-Bit Assassin says:

    wait until archers start one shotting people with head shots, the flaws of this combat system will come to the surface pretty damn quick then

  24. The music needs to be louder.

  25. What is the significance of the blinding white light? The form is true to the art/sport of fencing. I love this. I will be backing this bigtime.

  26. JazzyJacksJokeShack says:

    Holy shit, I cant believe I almost missed this video!

  27. I really want to see the devs fight..Watching the players fight felt like the game was hack and slahs-ish..Most of their fights came down to who had the balls to swing the most time during the clash. The first one to back out took more damage. I think I saw someone try to parry but it looked like it had no effect. The blue light I think was the parry ? I know it's alpha so it will be improved.

  28. darkknightdante178 says:

    looks abit basic hopefully because its in early stages of development

  29. darkknightdante178 says:

    looks abit basic hopefully because its in early stages of development

  30. Patrick McKenna says:

    Are you locked onto your opponent in combat? If so i think combat in a large battle may feel awkward.

  31. dipdopflop says:

    archers will have a tough time with this close combat xD

  32. Warren Rosholt says:

    Hmm, I like. Good early stuff. Hoping to be able to wield a spear though. ._.

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